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standard February 28, 2011 1 response

I really felt like I had take control. Control of the chaos, the schedule, the where-to-be’s and what-to-do’s. Between the wall calendar in the kitchen, my phone calendar app, and my planner, I have it all pretty well sussed.

Or so I thought.

Last week a friend sent me a Facebook message saying she was coming into town and could we see each other.

“Sure! Come over for crepes! Saturday at noon! It’s our tradition.”

Of course I had forgotten that this coming Saturday I had broken the sacred no-birthday party commandment and RSVPd to not one, but two on that day, and that there’s no way we’ll be home at noon. WHOOPS.

Really, one slip up? I can hear you ready to poopoo me and my calendaring snafu.

This morning I realized I’d scheduled coffee for myself and a new friend. Once again leading with “I’m always there! It’s my morning routine!” Except tomorrow is the rescheduled snow day at the preschool. Instead of sipping warm coffee, I’ll be shoveling cold snow. Whooops again!

But don’t worry. I think I’ve figured out the problem.

The planner only works if you open it.

The only question is, where am I supposed to write the reminder to open the planner?

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  • that happens to us all; it was, after all, good fodder for the blog

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