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One late evening, huddled in my sister’s TV room, my sisters and I took advantage of the fact that the guys were out helping a neighbor look for a lost dog to turn on Eat Pray Love.

Not having read the book or even done much more than watch the previews, I didn’t really have too many expectations. The story was a bit eh, the food scenes were mouthwatering, and the whole was somewhat entertaining. Nevertheless I walked away with a couple thoughts that kept working at me.

The first was, what’s my word?

You know, the one word you’d use to represent you.

Vanessa had a surprisingly quick answer, but me, I drew a blank.

My first answer, “writer,” was stripped from me with the injunction that the word couldn’t be what you do. It had to represent who you are. I tried to argue that for me they are one and the same, but stony stares shut me up.

So I noodled. I thought. I pondered. And I finally came up with “Guide.”

I am a guide. It’s who I am. I guide my friends. I guide my husband. I guide my girls. And at times I even find myself guiding my coworkers.

And the thing is, I love being that person. I love being able to help people find their path.

Yesterday I attended a mother’s group talk that was led by a Life/Career Coach. I listened to her talk and realized that what I do for free, she does for a living. And that I could do it too.

That realization was quickly followed by utter frustration, because seriously, just how many careers can one person undertake in one lifetime? I’m a novelist/writer. I’m a social media marketer. Both of those things are already quite time consuming. Where would I possibly fit a third full time career? Between the hours of 3 and 5 am? I don’t think that would quite work.

I shoved the notion out of my head, but it kept creeping back in. I’m a guide. It’s who I am. Why can’t it also be what I do?

But I’m also passionate about social media and about writing. I’m passionate about the entrepreneurs I interview for my monthly column. I’m passionate about my novel. I don’t want to give all that up, to walk away from all the work I’ve put into those fields.

After much more thought I think I’ve found a way I could combine it all. It sounds so right in my head and it makes so much sense on paper. I could train as a Life/Career Coach and apply what I learn to my social media world. I could coach others along their social media careers. I could also coach budding entrepreneurs, helping them get past the first painful hurdles.

I’ve always struggled with my decision to stay involved in social media. Unlike many I don’t have a concrete career goal in that field. But this? This feels like it could be the reason I’ve been doing this for so long. And it could be a way for me to keep doing what I love while still being true to who I am.

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  • I love your thought process here, and I love the word you chose. It’s a good one, one that I can relate to.

    There are things that we love to do, but that we’re not necessarily highly skilled at. And that are things that we do very well, but that we don’t necessarily love doing. But we can find something that we not only love doing but also do very well, that is when we find complete satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • This “word” thing has been something I’ve heard of doing annually since becoming a Christ Follower.

    My word last year and still this year is plank.

    There’s a verse in the bible about hesitating to point of the speck in someone else’s eye when there is a plank in my own. In other words, don’t be judgmental when I should be judging and bettering myself.

    I may have to hold onto that word for the rest of my life.

  • Maybe Social Media was the vehicle that brought you to realize that you should be a life coach?? Great that you are realizing and evolving, you seems so nurturing I could definitely see you as a life coach.

  • I love that you have come to this realization! I have learned so much about myself through social media. It has come as such a surprise!

    I have no idea what word I would pick for myself, though.

  • I think you’d be a great life guide because it would incorporate a number of areas that you are passionate about. we don’t always get to do what we love because we can’t identify it. I’m so glad you have found your word because you can keep it in mind as projects and opportunities come along.

  • One word. That is a very good idea. If there is one word that represent me and my whole life, I think it would be “searching.”

    Nice post. You are a great source of illuminating wisdom…

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