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Lost in code

standard January 5, 2011 2 responses

I had such plans for the blog post I was going to write tonight.

Deep. Insightful. Moving.

I have it in note form in my notebook. All I had to do was type it up and post it. Then I had a couple emails to send and I was going to be done for the night.

Instead I decided to tinker with the html code for my blog. So I could embed that nifty little Facebook Like widget you see down there at the bottom of this post. Way down there. Because there’s something wonky with the code and I can’t figure out how to get the weird spacing fixed.

Not that I didn’t try. I did. Which is why it’s now bedtime – I’m trying, I’m really, really trying to go to bed earlier because that 6am wake-up call is brutal – and I still have not opened my notebook, looked at the post, or polished it up to the point where it would bring you to tears.

Yeah. I got lost in code.

I have officially out-geeked even myself. My high-school self has just seen into the future and is shuddering.

I just think it’s pretty cool.

Which I guess is out-geeking even the geek above there.

Seriously. Bed time. Right?

Do me a favor. Like the post. Or the one below if you think this one is as ridiculous as I think it might be. Just humor me, I just wasted an entire evening on this.

My mom, she is weird. Also, it is cold in Chicago.

A friend just sent me better code. For the widget. But I am strong. And my bed is calling. So I shall tinker more tomorrow. That’s how dedicated I am to my new bedtime. Aren’t you proud?

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2 responses

  • Ooh, now I want one of those too! Its amazing how time consuming but yet5 addictive the geeky part of blogging is. I’m crap at it, but at least now I understand how my husband can get stuck at his desk at work til 8pm, oblivious to everything!

  • “She was limiting his food and water intake because she didn’t have diapers.”

    Wow! This is another picture of the poverty in the land of mil and honey…

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