The next Christmas hurdle

standard December 15, 2010 3 responses

I am proud to report that I’m making amazing headway on the Christmas gifts.

I’ve bought M two more presents.

Ok, ok. I also bought gifts for my nieces and nephew, my sister, and my own girls. So, you see, I’m right on track.

Now all I have to do is find some serious winter-wear for everyone because my sister keeps calling to report the current temperature in Chicago. It always takes a moment for me to realize that she’s talking about Fahrenheit and not Celsius. And then I just get scared. Because, dude? Zero or ten are scary numbers when they refer to temperatures. Especially for this little Californian family.

And in the meantime we’re doing what we would have been doing last week if I’d been better organized. Addressing these… and mailing them out to our friends and family.

I’ve been neck deep in the holiday season for well over six weeks now, but it’s finally starting to really feel like Christmas. Christmas for fun and for family rather than work. It’s going to be awesome.

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