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Starting the week out of sorts

standard November 8, 2010 1 response

I spend most of my mornings working away on my laptop at my favorite corner table at my favorite Starbucks. I know the baristas and the regulars. It’s my little haven of peace. If I can start the day off there with a perfect cup of coffee, working on my novel, it doesn’t matter how the rest of the day goes, I can pull on that sense of peace and accomplishment and feel good all day long.

Starting my day at that particular Starbucks has been my routine for over two years now. Until Friday I always felt at peace when I walked through the doors and smelled the brewing coffee.

Then they moved the furniture around.

And I know that it sounds ridiculous to say, but now the place just doesn’t feel the same. All the tables used to be in the quieter, warmer side of the store, with the arm chairs and coffee table in the louder, colder section near the bar where drinks are served. Since last week the tables are now in the louder section and the quiet section has been taken over with the more social seating.

I walked in on Friday and stood in front of the door, somewhat perplexed as to where to go sit. I found an empty table near and outlet and I sat down, but it was loud, drafty, I wasn’t facing the way I usually face, and I just couldn’t find my groove. I left shortly after, not even bothering to order my morning coffee.

I’ve reached a point in my editing where I can’t even just get lost in the work and I’m all our of sorts about how my Monday is going to go. Do I go and brave the new layout, try to get over the noise issue? Do I go try to find another haven? Where do I take my printed draft to read it over?

I can deal with change as long as I have constants in my life that keep me grounded and help me find my calm center. When the constants are what is changing I have trouble dealing. Which makes me whiney and starts the week off all wrong.

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1 response

  • We all have our fussbudget moments. Perhaps you’ve had yours and this morning will be all good.

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