My husband is picking up college girls again

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Last weekend my husband told me that he really wanted to go to the Seymour Marine Biology Center. It was pouring, we were at the beach, and the Seymour Center is always a great way to kill an hour or two. There’s always something new to learn or something to rediscover. Since they opened the shark petting tank the girls have been begging to go every weekend so I quickly agreed.

Little did I know that he had an ulterior motive for our visit.

While C, Little L, and I moseyed around petting shark and starfish, watching fish swim around, and learning more about the Monterey Bay marine life. He was checking out the college students who staff the Center.

“That one looks nice, don’t you think?” He murmured as we played with the star fish.

I glanced over and saw a pretty, blond girl chatting with her friend. She looked nice enough so I shrugged. He smiled and walked over to the two of them.

Completely unwilling to have any part of what he was doing I turned my attention back to the kids and focused on keeping Little L from killing the star fish she was observing. Moments later he walked back, beaming.

“I got her number! She’s even CPR certified!”

And that’s how we went home from the Seymour Center armed with the phone number of a new sitter.

She watched the girls on Friday night and turned out to be perfectly lovely. As responsible as we had assumed from her position at the center, as sweet as she had appeared on the day M met her. C and Little L were enamored from the get go and she texted M the next day to ask if she could babysit again soon.

If these are the kinds of girls my husband is picking up, I’ve got no issue letting him go out and to get a few more numbers.

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