Friends trump all

standard November 10, 2010 2 responses

This morning I dropped C off at school and headed back across three towns to get Little L to her school. We arrived a typical 5 minutes late, at the exact same time as another mom and her daughter.

Both our girls, similarly struck with somewhat unusual separation anxiety, clung to our necks, unwilling to let go. We cooed and enticed, promising fun, playdoh, singing, crafts! Then we peeled little arms off our shoulders and handed both little girls to the teacher.

Within seconds the children had forgotten us, lured by the wonders of their preschool classrooms. We moms were left on the other side of the door, a bit frazzled by the exchange, a bit relieved to have gotten off with no actual tears or tantrums.

A couple hours of work awaited me in my newly reorganized Starbucks. I had my printed novel, brand new highlighters, and countless colorful post-it notes in my bag. I was stoked and ready to dive into the next round of edits.

I turned to leave, already thinking about my characters and my new highlighters, and then, on a whim, I turned back to this fellow mom. I like this woman. She has a fascinating history and she feels like a kindred spirit, one I’d been meaning to get to know better.

“Where are you headed now?” I asked.
“I dunno, ironing probably.” She replied with a dismissive shrug.
“Doesn’t a cup of coffee sound more fun?”

She nodded, then agreed to join me at Starbucks. Instead of spending two hours working, I spent two hours making a friend, swapping stories, thoughts, and chatting about everything and nothing.

We parted ways, neither of us having made any headway on the work we’d set out to do, but feeling renewed and buoyed. At least I did. It’s been a challenging couple of weeks and it felt really good to step out the madness of my self imposed schedule and just relax in good company with a great cup of coffee. Nothing beats hanging out with a friend to reset my priorities and remind me to enjoy life.


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2 responses

  • That’s so great! I’m so glad to hear you had a friend morning. Life in mommyville can get lonely between pick up and drop off, regardless of all the twitter action going on.

    Sometimes it’s just wonderful to go with the moment and bond instead of work, work, work.

  • What a lovely story! I think this is definitely something I need to do more of – thanks for the reminder!

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