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Sometimes you get exactly what you ask for… and then some

standard October 21, 2010 3 responses

This morning I ran around like I usually do, getting the girls fed, dressed, hair brushed, nebulized, and everything else that we have to do before leaving the house. The routine was no different than any other day except for the fact that we were also kissing M goodbye for a few days.

He’s in the middle of a trial and is opting to stay in the city for the week so he doesn’t have to deal with the heinous Bay Area traffic.

We kissed him goodbye and went back to the harried routine. I do this every day. I’m good at the morning routine – from the jumping out of bed to the waking up the kids all the way through to the buckling of everyone (and everything – dolls get buckled too) into the car. It’s harried, but it doesn’t throw me off my game.

This morning I was off my game.

I just felt frazzled, off, and overwhelmed. And as I drove the girls to school and daycare I just kept thinking that I needed five minutes of peace and quiet so I could find my calm center again.

With the girls safely dropped off I realized I had a spare hour before I needed to be at Starbucks (to be introduced to the new in house Starbucks Digital Network – totally cool by the way.), so I decided to stop by Office Depot for a moment.

Fine. It might not be the most normal thing, but all that organization at Office Depot makes me feel all zen and calm. It’s just so neat and orderly. The polar opposite of my life and home.

I pulled up, grabbed my phone and my wallet, and for some inexplicable reason, chucked my keys into my purse… which I then left in the car. You know. The car that I locked as I was stepping out of it.

Today Office Depot did not work its zen magic on me. Instead I walked around trying to find my insurance roadside assistance number. Once I had them on the line I had to convince them that I actually had an account with them. Then I had to wait for the repair truck to come jimmy my door open.

I didn’t get the five minutes of peace and quiet I was craving. I got 45 minutes of peace and quiet… sitting on the curb next to my car. Oddly enough I didn’t find my center of calm until hours later when I made the conscious decision to put the morning behind me and give the afternoon a chance.

And no, it wasn’t during a 5 minute lull in the day. It was while I was at work, surrounded by the usual hubbub that surrounds me the moment I walk in.

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3 responses

  • Wow, we are twins. I cried to my husband yesterday about needing a break. 5 minutes later, I burnt my hand making a homemade pumpkin latte and subsequently had to take the rest of the day off with an ice pack on my hands at all times to alleviate the FIRE.BURNING.OUCHIE on my hand/knuckles in hopes it didn’t blister. It didn’t. But hey, I got a break alright. :/

    Can you and I be ANYMORE alike?? lol I love you, honey. It always goes to shit when the husbands are away, doesn’t it? Here’s to hoping it’s bonbons in the bathtub for you until he comes home. <3

  • I’m not much of a country fan, but I think I remember an old song from Garth Brooks called “Thank God for Unanswered Prayers.” So, so true! If I was actually granted all the crazy prayers of mine, my life would be a bit of a mess. 😀

    Here’s hoping you get five * unadulterated* minutes of rest, for realsies this time. 😉

  • Ooooh. Good reminder, Jessica. Be careful what I ask for. Especially if it’s something like Patience!!!! LOL! Or at least, remember to add something about the lesson being delivered GENTLY!


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