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Prolific Little Artists

standard October 18, 2010 Leave a response

My girls are prolific artists. If they could they’d spend all day every day with a crayon or marker in hand. Our house is filled with artwork of every type – collages, cutouts, hasty sketches, paintings, and everything in between.

We’re normal parents, so clearly we think they’re super talented. There’s no doubt they have a good eye and they notice the little details. C even has quite the imagination when it comes to creating artwork. They’re definitely artistic and we’re going to encourage it every way we can, but after seeing the paintings created by the young Autumn de Forest, we’re not deluding ourselves that we have prodigies on hand.

As I flipped through the slide show of this 8-year-old artistic prodigy, I was blown away by her sheer talent. Seriously, if I had enough money, I’d be lining up to purchase her paintings… sadly, I don’t have a spare $25000 for a painting or two.

Then I realized something that comes out clearly in her art. This child has been exposed to a lot of art in her short life. She gets her inspiration from masters, and from many of them. She also has access to amazing tools and supplies.

My mother-in-law is convinced that C could create masterpieces if we handed her serious paint and canvases. Allow me to be skeptical. That said, it definitely wouldn’t hurt her if we took her to art shows and museums a bit more often. And it might be nice to break out the paint a little more often than once every six months.

Most importantly though, I’m going to take away from this that children who are allowed to play with art materials can surprise their parents and everyone around. And that maybe artistic kids, but not prodigies is going to be just fine.

Though it would be nice to have someone in the garage creating paintings like these…

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