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Once again the bane of my days… packing lunch

standard October 25, 2010 8 responses

Every weekday eventing, and Sundays, it’s the exact same thing. 10pm rolls around and I start to get sleepy. I glance at my to do list and decide whether or not I can wrap up soon. And then, just as the thoughts of my bed are infiltrating every brain cell that’s still awake and functioning… I remember that I still have to pack C’s lunch.

I hate packing C’s lunch.

Let me preface the rest of this rant with the fact that I don’t just have to pack her a lunch, I also have to pack her a morning snack and an afternoon snack. Seriously, since when do kids need a morning snack? Whatever happened to Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner?

Then let me explain that the school is peanut and treenut free and that C doesn’t eat sandwiches unless they’re filled with a delightful mixture of peanut butter and jelly.

In fact, the child doesn’t eat many things, so I end up packing three variations of cheese or yogurt and fruit or veggie, for the lunch portion I go all crazy like and throw in some sliced turkey.

The start of the school year was only a few weeks ago and I’m already bored to tears with my lunch packing options. I can only imagine how bored C is getting with eating the same thing day in and day out.

I tried switching it up, threw in some cheesy noodles in a thermos one day… they came home barely picked over. I try to add some edamame every few days, but more often than not that doesn’t get eaten either. The only thing she sometimes lets me get away with is when I get fancy with different flavors of squeezy apple sauces.

I know! I can barely contain my excitement either.Shoot me now.

I could maybe get behind the whole same-lunch-every-day thing if packing it wasn’t such a pain. Of course my eco-conscious brain had to open its big trap and freak out at the thought of 750 meals requiring multiple ziploc bags each. (3 bags per meal would equal over 2000 ziplocs getting thrown away every year. Eeeps!) So I went and bought some reusable containers… and some reusable ziploc type bags. And every night before I pack her lunch I have to wash everything, and dry everything.

The last time I was doing this much nightly dish washing, C was an infant and I was packing her lunch in breast milk bottles.

There is no magic solution to my lunch packing woes. C won’t overnight broaden her dietary horizons. The school’s peanut policy is never going to be lifted, nor are they going to be offering a hot lunch any time soon. And the bags and containers are never going to clean themselves.

I just want to know that when 11pm rolls around I’m not the only one in my kitchen hating the lunch packing life.

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8 responses

  • you’re not the only one! we even have the option of hot lunch…but lauren tried it once and won’t go back 🙁

  • You are not alone, although now I pack only my lunch–at about six each morning.

    I used to hate packing Mac’s lunch, and when I’d mention that to other moms, they’d tell me they loved to pack lunches because it was like packing love and sending it with them to school. Way to make me feel like a crappy mom!

    When he hit 6th, I gave me a set amount of money each month and said, “Buy or pack your own. What’s left at the end of the month is yours to keep.” He packed his own lunch for the next three years and saved up for things he wanted to buy.

    The nut free thing is so hard. Washing out containers is a pain in the neck, but you know I’m proud of you for doing it!

  • Oh I feel for you! Until last year the French lycee didn’t have a restaurant, so we had to pack snacks and lunches. And of course, our little darlings changed their minds all the time about what they liked and didn’t like! And yes, we did it at the last minute too. Now they get hot lunch every day, no longer need snacks, so we do nothing. We started packing our own lunches!

  • I HATE packing lunch! Last year Eli’s lunch had to be kosher, dairy and nut-free; this year is easier but the memory still haunts me!

  • I hate it, too. And I always say I’ll do it the night before, then I never do and am rushing in the morning. My only suggestion — mini bagel with cream cheese.

  • I guess you have enough “me too’s!” But yeah, me too! But I’m the one with the NUT ALLERGY kid and my school does have hot lunch but my two want the same thing every day anyway.

    If it makes you feel better, she probably isn’t tired of it. I’m on year FOUR of the same lunch and my girl still wants the same thing… even when I’ve given her the option of hot lunch!

  • Uhhum – raising my hand. Have a nut and egg allergy kid. His lunch bag is 1/2 size of himself but it comes back mostly full 🙁 He does enjoy those sqeezy applesauce though.

  • My son has eaten ham and cheese sandwiches every day for the past three years and so far has had no mention of getting the least bit bored with it! So while I am bored to tears of packing it…at least it gets eaten! I feel your pain!

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