Never enough time

standard October 6, 2010 6 responses

I struggle against it every day. The massive quantity of things I want to be doing against the limited amount of time each day offers.

This past week I’ve finally reached a certain balance between things that must be accomplished and my personal needs – you know: sleep, exercise, time with the family. In fact, I’ve even found myself with a bit of spare time here and there, definitely a novel feeling.

And speaking of novels, I’m even finding time to work on the edits. I’m fixing a chapter or two every day and slowly, but surely, I’m making my way to the end of the book.

I’ve reached a certain balance. A healthy, wholesome balance. 

But the problem with spare time, with exercise, with sleep, is that it gives my brain the downtime to come up with new ideas and projects. When I was over extended and struggling to keep up I barely had the brain capacity to make lists of things that still needed to get done. Now I’m free to dream and invent.

And I keep coming up with so many things I want to be doing. So many great ideas I want to put into practice.

And the downtime? The going to bed early? The taking an evening walk? All of that is lulling me into believing that I have the time to take on a new project. Just a small one. Or maybe a medium one. Or how about that big one over there, the one that could have such a positive impact on so many lives? That one is definitely worth giving up sleep or exercise!

But no. It’s not. Nothing’s worth giving up balance. Is it?

Because that’s the thing. There’s no such thing as a “small” project. There’s no such thing as “It’ll only take an hour or two.” It all threatens the balance one way or another and I’m determined to keep the Year of Awesome completely and utterly awesome.

I need to look at all this like I do shopping. Instead of impulsively diving head first into new projects, I’ll put them on “wish lists.” If I’m still thinking about them a week, two weeks, a month down the road, I’ll re-evaluate the balance and see if something can be shifted or changed to allow for the idea that won’t let go.

In the meantime I’ll try to savor the existing balance and appreciate the free time and the fun my brain is finally enjoying. And I’ll try to remember that life is long and that I’ll have time to get to it all if I just pace myself.

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