A writer and her notebook fetish

standard October 13, 2010 3 responses

For a week now I’ve been meaning to sit down and map out a social media consulting business plan. The ideas are all jumbled in my head and I know that I can only start making sense of all my thoughts if I sit down with a notebook and pen and jot down some notes.

But I haven’t, because in my head, only one notebook will do for the task and it’s never with me when I have a free second.

Not to mention the fact that I hadn’t yet picked the right pen for that notebook.

If you looked in my purse you’d think I was off my rocker to let the lack of the right notebook stop me. There are no fewer than two other notebooks in there right now along with an impressive number of pens.

Thing is, I have a bit of a notebook fetish – each serves it’s own purpose.

There’s the Carolina Pad 3-subject notebook (discontinued much to my inconsolable chagrin They found it! Posted it to their webstore, for ME! And I bought 6. Just in case. Yay!), by far my favorite. It’s handy for penning blog posts, taking lengthy notes during interviews, brainstorming new projects. It has pockets for holding note cards and random papers I absolutely have to have on hand. It would be the notebook I use to work out my business plan, but the purple pen I associate it ran out last week and I’ve been reluctant to even open it since.

There’s the Tiny Prints notebook, personalized with an adorable black and white picture of my girls. I love to use that one to make to do lists or jot down quick notes. I’d use it more, but I’m not a huge fan of the pen that has glommed onto it.

Those are just the two that live in my purse. At home I have a journal – recipient of late night musings that at times make it to this blog. And at work I have a purely functional spiral bound 8.5×11 college ruled notebook for extensive to do lists and meeting notes.

And then there’s this other notebook, purchased in a small boutique in San Francisco one day while I was out shopping with an out of town friend. Still wrapped in cellophane, waiting for its pen.

And a business plan.

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3 responses

  • Your purse sounds like mine. I have three notebooks in it currently. 1) My things to do and ideas for work notebook 2) My Mondo Beyondo notebook and my 3) household chores and such notebook.

    But I haven’t dared call myself a writer… yet.

    I DO sometimes wonder why my purse is so heavy.

  • Jessica – I think we may have had a communication error on Twitter! We have 3-subject notebooks that are back-to-school size, and then we have our Ideal Notebook which is a smaller size (more like 6.5 x 8.5). It has the dividers and the pocket up front. Somethign like this? http://02ca560.netsolstores.com/carnaby-street-3-subject-notebook-2.aspx

    Let me know!

  • Oh, I could totally do some damage at an office supply store – I love all things to do with notebooks and pens! So I totally relate to this post. 🙂 Too funny.

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