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Yet another trip without the family

standard September 22, 2010 Leave a response

In April I went to LA. In June I flew to NY. In August I flew back to NY.

Not one of those trips included my family. In each instance I left my kids at home with my husband.

On Thursday morning I’m leaving again. And again I’m leaving them at home. I’m heading to North Carolina to speak at the awesome TypeA Mom Conference. And while I’m very excited to see my bloggy friends again and to meet new ones, I do have to say a huge part of me is dreading going.

It’s not the social anxiety of old. I’ve come a long way since then.

It’s that I’m just tired.

School just started and we’re just barely getting into a routine. I only just started catching my breath and getting back to work on the book. And now I’m leaving again. For five days.

It’s also that I feel like I got to spend precious little time just enjoying my family this summer. We’ve had snatches of great family moments, but they were scattered here and there. I’m ready for a family vacation. The four of us. Together. No work. No routines. No school. Just buckets and sand and endless stretches of time to enjoy each other and relax.

That’s not happening any time soon. Thursday morning I’m rushing both girls to school before heading home and jumping into a cab. I’m going to head to the airport where I’ll once again feel oddly unencumbered as I sail through security, and then I’m going to spend all day on two planes, criss-crossing the country. I’m packing two books, that’s how much free time I’m going to have.

Back in April and June I felt giddy at the mere thought of traveling solo. Even the trip in August felt like a treat. This one feels a bit like a business trip.

I think I might even miss the kids on the flight.

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