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The Secret to Online Success

standard September 28, 2010 12 responses

“Don’t ever say you’re just a blogger.” I said to the room filled with hopeful faces, each waiting for me to deliver the secret to using a blog to land “gigs.” “You’re so much more than that.”

I left it at that, but I should have added one more line.

“But in the end, you’re nothing if you don’t believe in yourself.”

There’s a process to succeeding online or anywhere.

First, decide where you want to go. Second, believe you can get there. Third, find and arm yourself with the tools you’ll need to arrive.

What. Is. Your. Goal?

Do you know?

Are you writing to just write?

Is your blog an outlet?

Are you launching a media empire?

Are you on the first step to a major writing career?

Fine. It’s all fine. The only person who should care about your personal reasons and goals for being online is you. I don’t need to know. Frankly, I don’t really care.

But you need to know. You need to care.

I see it in people’s eyes at blog meet-ups and conferences. They get dazzled by all the other goals and aspirations being flaunted. They start to think “Why don’t…?” or worse “I should…” Then the confusion is replaced by jealousy. By envy. 

Other bloggers are more successful. They get more traffic, more props. Some get more love from the PR teams. Some bloggers get wined, dined, and traveled. Some have TV appearances or even book deals.

It’s easy to get caught up on the frenzy of the “I shoulds” or worse, the rampant “gimmes,” sometimes loosely translated as a simple “I want.”

It’s hard to remember why you started in the first place.

I find it sad to watch people get lost.

There is no secret to online success. It boils down to two things: Dedication to your goals and staying true to your voice.

You started blogging for a reason. What was it? Have you forgotten along the way? (It’s ok if your goal has changed, as long as you’re aware and approving of that change.)

You have a unique voice. Do you let it sing?

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12 responses

  • Great post…. and I agree.

    Still figuring out my goals & realizing they might need to be tweaked.

    So fun seeing you at Type A Mom.

  • By far, the most important message I took from the whole conference. I am refocused. I am recharged. Thank you for your part in putting on a great event.

  • yes!!
    it’s your voice, keep listening to it and not to everyone else’s!!
    excellent post!!

  • Okay not too many people give me chills – but girl you just did!!!

    This was perfect and straight to the point – well said. Everyone needs a little push and reminder of just be true to yourself!! The only other thing I would add is you will need to work hard, success usually doesn’t just come knocking on your door;)


  • Great synopsis! I agree that this is true for everything. Be true to yourself and believe in yourself. Funny how this is so hard to do for ourselves, yet so easy to do for others. HMMMMMM!!!!!

    Thank you for this very motivating post!

  • Love this. Conferences are fantastic but it can be overwhelming to run smack dab into someone with a totally different agenda then yours.

  • My wife forwarded me this post. I love it! Thank you!!

    I often struggle with what direction I should take my blog. In fact, I was thinking about it yesterday.

    Maybe I should take some time and just focus on what my original intent was.

  • I know I don’t give myself alot of credit. I am “just a blogger” in my own eyes most days but I’m working on changing that!

  • Wonderful post. So important to let your voice sing and to remember your goal. I so appreciate that you spoke about how overwhelming conferences can be, swimming in the face of all that flaunted ambition. I wish I’d been there to hear your panel!

  • This was a big take-away for me too. That it’s okay to want what *I* want, and not to compare that with what other bloggers want. I realized that I am in a very good place with balancing the priorities in my life. That was a great realization.

    (And it was great meeting you! Meeting so many wonderful people was the absolute best part of the conference!)

  • What a great post!! Thank you for sharing this with me! I have to rethink why I started blogging and find my true mission again, I feel I am slowly getting back to my mission!

    Have a happy weekend!

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