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School Year Resolutions

standard August 12, 2010 13 responses

I’ve never stopped feeling like the start of the school year was the “real” start of the year. When the crayons and binders go on sale at Target I start to unconsciously take stock of my life.

This year I’m coming up short. Really, really short.

– I haven’t run once since April 13th.

– For the last two months I’ve worked every night until midnight if not 1am.

– I’ve been working weekends.

– I’ve been dropping the ball on deadlines, promises, friends, family.
 – And worst of all, I haven’t touched my novel since June 30th.

I’m disappointed in myself. I’m losing focus and allowing myself to get sidetracked from my true goals, from the things that really matter to me. I’m fulfilling other people’s goals to the detriment of my health and my family.

It’s not really working for me any more.

I’m a big believer in the adage “Live your passion and the money will follow.” It’s the path of true happiness. All too often though we get confused and reverse the phrase. But you know what? Following the money never leads to passion. At best it leads to more money in the bank.

I love writing fiction. Nothing else makes me feel more fulfilled or content. It’s my passion. Sadly it’s not a lucrative one. At least it’s not a quickly or guaranteed lucrative one. But it is my passion and deep in my heart I know that if I pursued it properly it might lead somewhere. And yet, I can’t seem to allow myself the time to do what needs to be done so I can succeed as a novelist.

The school year is looming. Bright Back-to-School posters have bloomed in every store window. Supplies and cute clothes are on sale. Kids are getting hair cuts and buying new shoes. Everything smells like fresh start and possibilities. I’m going to ride that wave.

Once again I’m going to attempt to take control of my life and my future. Happiness is a choice and I’m choosing happy.

I’m going to lighten my work load and I’m going to resist filling it right back up. I’m going to start running again. I’m going to pick a race to train for. I’m going eat better, sleep more, and generally take better care of myself. And last, but most definitely not least, I’m going to take the time to finish the edits on my novel so I can finally send it out.

As a friend said this weekend, this is going to be the year of awesome. I’m determined to make it so.

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13 responses

  • As a teacher, I have always said that my new year starts in August. I mean, except for the number of the year, what really changes on Jan 1? Whereas everything changes in August!

    So it was neat that you see this time as a time for reflection too. Nice to know it extends beyond classroom teacher musings.

  • Jessica,

    What a beautiful post! I like that you recognize that you need to get back in to your groove w/o having beat yourself up.

    And, the Year of Awesome can begin at any time. That’s the coolest thing about Year of Awesome, you decide when it starts. And, well, since ‘our’ new year is just around the corner why not forgive yourself for whatever transgressions you have made against yourself and let’s get this party started!

  • I read a quote the other day that reminds me of this. It was from the CEO of Zappos, “Profits are like oxygen you need it to survive but ultimately what matters is passion, growth and higher purpose.” I think it fits your goals perfectly!

  • i’m going back to work after 8 months of disability leave on august 16th (the same day most kids are going back to school), so i’m working on making a new routine and new goals for myself at this time too.

  • krellpw

    I’m confident that you’ll find the balance you’re searching for.

  • Acknowledging is the first step, right? These are awesome goals, but like any resolution, I just hope you take it one day at a time and if one day doesn’t go so well, there’s always tomorrow!

  • Sometimes I wonder if we were separated at birth. You so beautifully put into words what I’m thinking/feeling. All the power to you as you make positive change. I certainly hope to do the same…and now that it’s written here, maybe I’ll actually hold myself accountable!

  • I still take stock and make resolutions in September (I had no idea school started in August in the States!)and I get motivated by buying new stationary. Of course I’m a teacher so I never really stopped going back to school! I hope you achieve everything you’ve listed. I decided to take up again a piece of fiction I’d set aside to do academic writing a few years ago, and I also desperately need to take up exercise again. So I’ll follow your progress for inspiration!
    p.s.: I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but for reason I could get only get it through my RSS feed so couldn’t comment…

  • I’m with you.. the awesome year part.. just wrote a post about finding joy in the journey, even if htat means dishes and laundry DANGIT!! 🙂

  • I hope you get your year of awesome! follow your own advice and learn to say no, you’re already a superwoman no need to kill yourself in the process.

  • I figure resolutions should be short and sweet. And singular. Only follow one, that’s my motto. Otherwise you get lost in too many.

    And if it’s your novel … resolve to spend a minimum 10 minutes on it every day. It’ll grow from there.

    Happy Awesome Year!

  • Hang in there! I can definitely relate to this and think using the start of the school year is a great time to do what you need to do for yourself. I have been thinking about how I want to get my life back to the track I’ve been wanting to be on… You can do it – and I hope I can too 🙂

  • Summer is such a welcome relief from the routines of school (and homework!), but school is such a relief from the lack of structure of summer.

    I, too, fell out of many routines- exercise and more. I will take to hear Sara’s advice that the Year of Awesome can begin at any time.

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