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Is it back?

standard August 16, 2010 1 response

I’ve never been one to know when to slow down, take it easy, or even just take a breather. It’s my biggest fault really. It’s not that I don’t know how to say no, it’s that I don’t like to do so. As soon as I lighten my load I find another project I want to take on.

My brain thrives on the challenge. My body, not so much.

I have a history of dealing with physical side effects of pushing myself too hard. Usually I get sick. A nice bout with the flu or a bad cold. Nothing drastic, just enough to lay me up for a day or two. My body’s way of saying “Whoah there missy. Time for a nap or ten.” Sometimes my sciatica flares up, a physical reminder that enough is enough and the couch is lonely. More recently though the issues have had to do with skin.

Ick. I know.

The rash that was finally (at very long last) diagnosed back at the end of January went away after a hard course of Prednisone and a radical lightening of my workload. As the itch faded and my skin started to look normal again I started to forget about why I had lightened my load. Once again I started saying yes, taking on more, and more, and more.

A few weeks ago the sole of my foot started itching. This week my scalp joined in the fun. Then my arm.

I don’t know if it’s the same rash. It very well could be. It doesn’t really matter really. The underlying cause is more important in the end than the side effects.

I’m pushing myself too hard, too far again. I need to stop, breathe, and once again take a giant step back. My skin is literally trying to force me back into the present. (You try thinking about a million things while dealing with an unbearable itch!) I can get some medicine, I can take more steroids. But in the end the real cure is better time and resource management and maybe finally learning where my limits lie.

It’s a good thing I’ve already started.

Not that that’s helping my foot itch any less tonight.

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1 response

  • Oh no! My BFFF is not feeling top notch and that’s not cool. I hear you on the mystery ailments though. I have skin issues too. I think it’s related to wheat. But it flares when I have stress/anxiety. Truly, I think the docs spin a wheel and see where it lands and then base everything on that.

    I’m glad you know that if you slow down it will be less intense and possibly go away. But until you win the lottery and the most difficult thing you would be doing is deciding between red or white wine I guess reality is that sometimes you have to say no.

    And it’s OK.

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