Birthday with a side of whine

standard August 2, 2010 2 responses

The big 3-year-old birthday weekend started with

and ended with

which all looks sweet and loving and fun, but in the middle there were a lot of tears and even more whining.

It seems that our delightful oldest, always the first to comfort, cuddle, and love on her little sister, always first to make sure everything is fair and shared, only does well when she’s top dog.

And well, on her little sister’s birthday, she wasn’t, and she didn’t like it one bit.

The whining started as soon as they woke up, once she realized that the pile of wrapped presents didn’t contain one for her. I had warned her the night before that I didn’t have something for her, but that we’d be going to ToysRUs sometime during the day so that Little L could pick out her bike and while we were there she’d be allowed to pick out one. small. toy.

She spent the entire day whining and begging to go to the toy store. And when I say the entire day, I’m not exagerating one bit. She whined in the house, she whined through lunch, she whined at the birthday party for her best friend, she whined before nap, she whined after nap, she whined at the zoo (after whining that she didn’t want to go to the zoo), and she whined at dinner.

The only time she didn’t whine? Was when we were actually at the store. Oh, and when she was busy being mean to her sister, the birthday girl.
I’m tough with C. I don’t let her get away with much, and she’s usually pretty easy and good which is why this weekend was extra painful. We hated seeing this side of her, this calculating and comparing side, which weighed every single thing to make sure she was getting equal compensation. It was a brutal awakening to the fact that when it comes to her and Little L we usually let her be the boss. Since she’s usually so good at making sure that her sister gets her share, we didn’t realize what was going on.

This weekend Little L was delighted to be the center of attention, delighted to get to call the shots, delighted to be the one getting the better toys. When C whined she’d just stamp her foot, declare “It’s MY birthday!,”and completely refuse to back down.

This weekend marked more than just the beginning of Little L’s 4th year, I think it also marked the beginning of a more fair space, where C isn’t the only one who gets to decide what happens where. It’s time for Little L to get her time in the sun. She’s definitely not “just the baby” any more.

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2 responses

  • Are you sure it was only a side of whine? Yikers! The things I missed out on by being the mom of an only!

    What a great lesson to learn, though, for your bigger girl.

    Next year she will probably be altogether different.

    Your photos, as usual, were precious.

  • My girls are gone this week, and I do not miss the sibling rivalry. They’re best friends, and totally love each other, but there are moments that are just insane.

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