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A Wimpy Kid like every other. And a giveaway like none other!

standard August 25, 2010 151 responses

So there I was, late as always, running like a bat out of hell to throw myself through the open doors of the Paris subway before they slammed shut leaving me to wait another ten minutes for the next train. The horn blasted and I sped up and just as the doors started to slide shut…

And that’s when I tripped and fell flat on my face. At least I fell into the compartment and managed to pull my feet out of the way of the sliding doors. Sadly I fell right at the feet of a gorgeous guy.

Luckily he wasn’t a classmate of mine. Even luckier I never saw him again. 

That fall was par for the course. I was never a cool kid. I had big glasses (some friends felt compelled to ask me why my cheeks needed glasses), I had zero sense of style (still don’t), and I had big boobs about three years before any of my classmates even needed a training bra. Oh. And I liked to ride horses, read books on the playground, and hang out with the expat kids at my school.

I can’t remember any particular moments of pure shame at school. No one ever locked me in my locker or pushed my head into a toilet. No one even really picked on me. I definitely never did anything to top my brilliant subway car entrance, and yet, watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid was like watching a painful flashback to my own school days.

School was awkward and anyone who loved their school days can just keep those stories to themselves.

For all you other people, who, like me, probably felt awkward and out of place at school, I want to hear your stories!

Queue the GIVEAWAY!

As you know, 7 other awesome bloggers and I have banded together to “Fill the Backpack.” The backpack is now (almost) full and it’s time to find a home for it.

Post one of your own wimpy kid/awkward school moment below to be entered to win one of 16 Back to School Backpacks as part of the Fill the Backpack campaign. Backpacks include:

  • FoxEntertainment is including both Diary of a Wimpy Kid & Marmaduke DVDs in our backpacks.
  • PopChips donated a variety pack of PopChips & variety of coupons to each backpack.
  • Every backpack will include BitDefender, security software for your PC.
  • Orange Circle Studio is sending winners a “Do it all” planner & a family calendar.
  • The backpack will include a variety of notebooks, folders, and binders from Carolina Pad.
  • Rose Art is sending you back to school with glitter markers, dry erase board, and fun Color Blanks.
  • Every backpack will include a ClassWish.org $25 Credit! Perfect for helping your community’s schools!
  • DreamSakes is giving winners 20 free artwork scans! These are a great way to save or share your child’s masterpieces!
  • Sun and Earth is sending a sampler pack to each winner.
  • FamZoo, an online allowance management site, is including a year long membership
  • Simon & Schuster added a great book, “E is for Ethics,” that will have you and your kids thinking!
  • The backpack will contain either a LeapFrog Tag Reader with book set and US map, OR a LeapFrog
    Explorer with 2 games! (Penguins of Madagascar and Toy Story 3)
  • Stonyfield Farms included coupons, awesome recycled plastic storage containers, & a few other surprises!
  • Silver Dolphin added the “Human Body” book, and “Facts to Annoy your Teacher” books. Both are for kids!
  • Sample tastes from Arizona Kids, Bear Naked, Cal Naturale Svelte, …

 … and more to come! This list will grown as more products are added by our sponsors

A peek at the loot!

Want to win one of these backpacks? Easy!

  • Comment right here, sharing one of your “Wimpy Kid”/Awkward School Moment memories

Want more chances at winning? 7 other Backpack Bloggers are putting up giveaway posts too!

The winning entry will be selected via Random.org. Winners must be residents of the United States to win and will be contacted at the close of this contest, on August 31 at 10 pm EST. Winner will have 24 hours to reply to the e-mail announcing her win. If he or she does not respond within 24 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen.Winners can only win one backpack. If the winner has also won on another Backpack Blogger’s site another winner will be chosen here.

Please Note: Fill the Backpack is sponsored by Ziploc and 20th Century Fox.  Our sponsors have generously contibuted to this campaign through products, monetary compensation, and have made The Dream Classroom Contest possible (cash prizes to be awarded through classwish.org).  Participating brands have contributed products to all 8 bloggers and to all 16 backpacks.

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151 responses

  • I was made fun of and teased all the time when I was a kid. I guess my worst moment was when a little boy in middle school called me a “spic” after learning I was Latina. I just froze.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • i remember when i got glasses, back then, you got teased, now, kids think they are cool.

  • I remember being teased in the 6th grade because I had freckles. The kids said that if I and a frecklefaced red head boy got married our child would be a freckle.

  • When I was in 2nd grade, these two fifth graders at my bus stop put snow in my backpack every day during winter….I had to keep making excuses as to why all of my books and lunch was totally wet.
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  • My sister told my mom I had lice (we grew up in the country and lice was always a problem). I didn’t, but didn’t realize it before my mom had my hair chopped off. It was right in those terrible middle school years. It may have saved me in the end…

  • I had braces and had to wear those rubber bands w/them. That got me teased alot. Also sometimes when I ate the rubberband would break and shoot across the room.

  • elizabeth p

    My worst memory was when my best friend held me down while a few of her new friends beat the snot out of me. Needless to say we stopped being friends. I am queenesperfect at yahoo.com

  • I was teased for everything, being heavier, pale, bad hair, etc. I enjoyed learning and the teachers but some students made it unbearable.

  • I always hated Gym class. I would actually get nervous and feel nauseaus even before I walked in the room. Being small and thin and unable to play team sports because of our religion, I was very uncoordinated. When it came to picking teams, I was always the last to be picked. I remember once a kid refused to have me on his team for a game of kickball and argued with the teacher.

  • I had long braids and the other kids-mostly boys-would give a braid a jerk. It hurt and I cried a lot.

  • I know this isn’t the worst thing you could be teased about but I was teased for having large breasts in middle school. When all the other girls were still in training bra’s I was wearing a “c” cup.

  • In high school I fell asleep in a class. Half asleep, groggy and lazy I woke to a slight itch under my eye. Too lazy to lift my head I used my lips and tilted me head to move the folder under my face. When that didn’t work I lifted my head up to witness the entire class, teacher included, staring at me with open mouths. It looked like I was sleeping and kissing the folder. Not a shining moment.

  • On my second day of Junior High a boy broke into my locker and stole my meal punch card, along with some other things. When I opened my locker and found everything gone I just stood there bawling – while everyone stared at me. BTW I did the same thing on the Paris Metro – except the doors slammed shut on me when I was halfway in – talk about some lovely bruises!

  • my wimpy kid moment is when I was in the 4th grade and I rode the school bus home with some friends one week, it was a differnt bus and the kids on this bus for some reason had it out for me, perhaps because or my big curly hair, or maybe my socks that did not match. whatever the case may be they stepped up and threated to knock my teeth out, instead of sticking up for myself I cried and made them all laugh at me. I didnt get a apunch but crying in front of bullys is kinda worse.


  • I got braces on my teeth in my senior year of high school. Not the “you can’t really see them” type. No, not for me. Either they didn’t have them back then (yeah, I’m old) or my parents couldn’t afford them. I had the Frankenstein kind. Anyway, I guess I wasn’t in quite enough discomfort, so the orthodontist added rubber bands to the menagerie. As I laughed and joked with my friends in class, one of the rubber bands broke and shot out of my mouth and across the room. Everything got very quiet and I turned six shades of red! I can’t remember what happened after that. Shock, I guess!


  • When I was picked on in school my younger sister who is four years younger than me always stood up for me ready to punch them or do whatever it took to put them in their place. It was always embarrassing to know my little sister was ready to stand up for me when I couldn’t ever do it myself!


  • I was so shy when I was little.. hey I still am a little shy. It was so hard to fit in and everyone would make fun of me.

  • I can’t remember any specific moments, but I do remember having homemade clothes and not having the “cool” clothes other kids wore. I always felt like I never fit in. Now I LOVE homemade clothes.

  • J. Cannon

    I remember being teased in the 6th grade because I developed slowly in the breast area and one day I stuffed my bra and everyone in my classroom discovered it because one of the socks stuffed in my bra fell to the floor and I was so humiliated. The kids in my class laughed about it for two weeks.

  • In sixth grade I was the smallest girl in my class. We went to the pe lockers right after the eighth graders. The first week of school one of the 8th graders was talking ot me and commenting how little i was and asked if i could fit in the locker and I said I thought I could. She told me to see if I could because no one at the school had ever been able to fit in them before and then shoved me in and closed the door and put her lock on it and left. It took about 20 minutes for them to open it up adn I have hated lockers ever since.


  • I remember in Jr. High School a boy when a boy wouldn’t stop teasing me and my sister stepped in to punch him and he swung back at her, as she ducked I got hit right in the eye..so not only could I not stand up for myself I had to walk around school with a nice black eye…ugh 🙁

  • My middle son was teased a lot in elementary school becuase he had severe asthma and often was not able to play outside or run in gym like the other kids. I always felt so bad for him. Today he is a big strapping 6 footer so he doesn’t get called wimpy anymore.

    eswright18 at gmail.com

  • werner71Actually I graduated college in 1955 but had cause to return to the classroom at age 64 because my two sons had plopped a big old clunky computer on my kitchen table (I had no desk at that time)and laying an instruction book alongside it which was written in some language comparable to Sanskrit, left saying, “Play with it Mom it won’t hurt you.” Well I did for a month or so and got so frustrated I called our local community college to discover that not only did they have instruction classes for beginners but for me it was FREE as I was over 60. So I signed up. My first boo boo was laying out $60 for a required textbook only to be told by my advisor that it was free also for senior citizens but it took me 3 weeks to fill out the paperwork to get it back. I know some of my fellow students thought it was rather funny me being in class at my age but I just ignored them until the day I was positioned in front of my computer, noshing on some M&M’s when one got stuck and in trying to dislodge it I heard a horrifying ‘klunk’ and looked down to see my lower denture laying on my keyboard and a spot of saliva slowly running down my monitor screen. That made the rounds in just a couple of days.

  • fell down skun my knees and wanted mama k-1 mverno@roadrunner.com

  • The kids started chanting”We want a pitcher ,not a glass of water” I cried

  • I think I had it all. I was overweight, glasses, redhead and white as a sheet. Kids made fun of me all the time…I’d rather be dead than red on the head! I will not forget those comments.

  • braces, head gear and big puffy 80’s hair that I couldn’t control. Some guy threw gum in my hair one day in blass when I was 12. Nightmare
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Someone stole my shoes when I was at gym. I was so upset because they were my good shoes. Everyone made fun of the new ones I got too.

  • My awkward moment was the day I started my menstruel cycle right in the middle of class. I stood up and seen the blood all over my seat and I was so humiliated and embarrassed. I ran to the nurse and was sent home. It took alot of my mothers persuading for me to go back to school and of course I did but I still to this day am ashamed and take all the precautions with my daughter so she never has to feel the way I felt.

  • Oh… painful memories here. I’m going to do it quick like ripping off a band aid.

    I was standing at the school dance with (what I thought at the time) was the cutest guy ever. He leaned down to kiss me. I stood on my tip-toes to kiss him. I lost my balance, but didn’t fall. I looked up and his glasses were HANGING FROM MY HAIR!! My super strong hairspray caused the hinge of his glasses to get stuck and we had to pull them out of my hair.

    It hurt. I was embarrassed. And “everyone” saw it.

  • I got picked on a lot.So, I wanted to make a good impression my first day of high school. I had a nice outfit and did my hair all nice. I was walking through the courtyard and tripped on a crack in the sidewalk lunging forward when my heavy backpack flipped up over my head. The weight with the momentum sent me flipping over into three full somesaults landing in a messy heap in front of everyone! Needless to say I didn’t start my high school years off very well.

  • I ran all the way home being chased by 2 bullies one time. 2 miles!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Bad time in 6th grade when my mom made me get a poodle perm. I tried wearing a hat, but it was a Catholic school, so I scrunched down in my seat every day

  • When I was young, I was overweight and the rest of the class would always raz me about the weight.

  • When I first got glasses, one boy called me 4 eyes!

  • My worst memory as a kid was this jerk tripping me outside of the school in 1st grade. I went flying across a concrete sidewalk and my entire face was skinned. I still have faint scars on my chin. I’ll never forget walking on the school bus after a couple of days when the scabs had formed. This 6th grader pointed it out and said ‘ewwwww’ really loud. I never forgot that or the name of the kid who tripped me.

  • I remember one time in elementary school I wore a pair of gray glitter socks, think Michael Jackson style. Well I was teased all the way to school. That was the longest bus ride.

  • i was a CHUBBY kid. i got teased with every fat nickname possible at school and at home …

  • i think that i was more like the wimpy kid’s friend (i forgot his name). all my friends quit being friends with me in junior high because i wasn’t “cool” enough.

  • I was always being pick on because of my weight.

  • I was always the tallest in class and it freaked me out every time I got picked out in gym class. People just assume tall means good at sports, but it really isn’t in my case.

  • I had really long hair and wanted it cut but my mother would not let me get it cut. So I enlisted the ‘help’ from a friend to cut it for me. Aw man, my mother was so ticked at me – she CHOPPED my hair off. She told me if I wanted short hair, short it was going to be. Literally, I don’t think my hair(or my obsession with long hair) has ever recovered! The names I was called after that stuck for a LONG time

  • My all-time totally awkward moment came in middle school when a boy I had a crush on agreed to “go steady” with me because the girl HE liked didn’t like him and told him to ask me! Our relationship consisted of me avoiding him in the school hallways for about a week and then mercifully “breaking up” with him because I just wasn’t ready for a “commitment.” It’s pretty funny 30 years later! Thanks for the chance to win the awesome prize pack! (krstrpp at hotmail dot com)

  • I remember when I had to get glasses and being so upset that I had to go to school wearing them. After being called four-eyes for a week, I tried to ditch them at home, but realized seeing was a better option. Ugh!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  • I was the new kid at school and was so thrilled when a girl in my class invited me over to her house for a sleepover. Only she also invited her “real best friend” and the two of them picked on me all. night. long.

  • Anonymous

    I remember being teased in elementary school because I had an overbite.


  • i was always teased for having a boys name. always. and then i got headgear in 6th grade. teased incessantly for that!


  • In 10th grade my school choir got to go to Disney and perform. While rushing to get to the stage, I tripped over the ropes and fell on my face in front of everyone. People STILL laugh about it, LOL:)

  • WHen I got glasses in fourth grade, one little boy called me four eyes! I didn’t even get it!

  • In high school, I was the boys soccer manager – I was always made fun of because it wasn’t a job anyone else wanted. (I only wanted it because I had friends on the team and well, they are SOCCER players!)

    residentmayor at satx.rr.com

  • I went to a very small school with my twin sister. We got picked on pretty frequently because my mom insisted on not only picking out our clothes, but selecting matching outfits. This is only cute on children under 5; it’s just weird at 15. Thanks mom.
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  • One of my awkward moments was 8th grade when I got braces and then also hit puberty. For my graduation I had on a pair a nice big and ugly glasses, my hair was frizzed and permed complimented by my beautiful metal mouth and a lovely reddish zit on my chin. Not my best moment.

  • It would have to be when I fell down the steps coming off stage in the auditorium full of kids. Everyone laughed and clapped.

  • I had just moved to a new town and new school. The first week of classes someone pulled my chair out and I landed on the floor. I still remember my embarrassment to this day!
    PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

  • I was bullied constantly in school. I used to be punched in the stomach constantly and because I was overweight the kids said it was “to watch it wobble”.

    jenndiggy at gmail dot com

  • There was one time during my freshman year in high school that my friend made me laugh so hard, I literally peed my pants! Had to go around school the rest of the day with my jacket around my waist, hoping people couldn’t smell my misfortune!

    Many thanks!!

  • I can remember getting picked on because i told a lie about something, at 28 someone reminded me not so long ago and started laughing, ugh!

  • I was a very shy kid so people always picked on me about not being able to talk or being so quiet.

    mia at jacobsracing dot com

  • I got teased for my long hair

  • I got teased because my name is Kelly, the kids called me ‘smelly kelly’ I HATED it!!

  • My wimpy kid moment, which one to tell there was so many. One I remember to this day I was in kindergarten yes I remember this, and I had a crush on this boy named Matthew B. I wont put his full last name. Anyways we was out for recess and I was sitting on one of those yellow balls we played with in gym class. This little boy Matthew wanted it but I had it, so he ran up and kicked it as I sat on it. I feel off and he got the ball…

  • Daniel M

    in 5th grade the new kid punched me in the arm, just shugged and laughed (didn’t hurt) but was branded wimpy because i didn’t retaliate – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  • My awkward moment was when I was nominated for Homecoming Queen as a joke from someone who I thought was a friend.

  • I had a hard time b/c I moved to the US at age 7 and didn’t speak English. Luckily the girls in my class looked after me and tried to help.
    aleksa91 hotmail

  • I was fondled at a junk sale.

  • At our schools every couple of months the nurse came in and checked for lice. The ones that had it got sent straight to the office. One year it was me and you have to walk past the line of kids waiting to get to the office. They called me names and were really horrible. I was bawling by the time I got there. They still made fun of me for months.


  • I was teased in school because I had cat eye glasses. But I loved those glasses and kept them as long as I could no matter how much I got teased.
    kathyluman@gmail dot com

  • I was really small for my age and had skipped a grade. In 5th grade, I would get so frustrated with this girl who was in my class and 2 years older. She was big for her age. She thought I was her personally doll or something. She wouldn’t put me down. She was always picking me up. It would make me so mad. My Mom thought it was so funny when she would come to pick me up from school and see Misty standing there holding me. Makes me mad just thinking about it.
    Then there was the time our class went roller skating and this big boy fell on me. I sprained my ankle and spent the rest of the time with ice on my foot.


  • Katie R.

    I was always teased for being one of the tallest in the class. I was taller than most of the boys and started to slouch because I wanted to look shorter.


  • I always got teased about my glasses.

  • In about 5th grade or so, I decided to enter the talent show with my talent of dancing. I was awful, so very awful, but no one would tell me beforehand for some strange reason, lol. Made a complete fool out of myself that night and was constantly teased about it. Was never able to live it down!
    whitechocolatecherries at gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    i was taller than a lot of the other kids and hated it!

    11newmom at gmail dot com

  • I haven’t seen the movie as of yet. My kids have all of the books and journals, though. We have it on our On Demand free movie via the cable, so we will watch it soon.

    My moments were in 7th grade, where I had a bully. The bully was really jealous of me, but the crazy part is she would beg my mom into letting me spend the night with her. I prob. wouldn’t have survived that.

    brownatural at gmail dot com

  • In high school, when a boy thought he was so funny putting gum in my hair. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t report him. I hated high school.

  • I was the invisible geek in school, so I didn’t really have to worry about getting picked on or anything, but I also didn’t have any of the plusses of social interaction either… great giveaway though! Thanks!

  • i was so sick in class, but the teacher never let us go to the bathroom. So I threw up in my mouth (gag) and raised my hand. Then when I couldnt speak everyone looked at me and went “OH MY GOD, i think the DORK threw up!”
    I didn’t live that one down until I moved away.

  • I remember being teased by one boy in particular about having a ski slope nose. I hated it! Kids can be so mean.

  • I was teased for having red hair and freckles. How silly is that? Now I get compliments all the time on my hair and complexion! Oh well, it made me a stronger person…

    sweepyhead at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I guess it would be being the school 1500m champion and then going to a national meeting where I was expected to put in a great performance. I came in last. 🙁


  • Not only did I wear glasses in school I also had braces, double torture in the move to middle school from 5th grade I lost all of my friends they were all to cool to be seen with me. The good thing is I found out then that they were not my friends and I found new ones that truly were.

  • In 6th grade some girls made fun of me because I wore cheap sneakers and they wore Nikes. They would say, “Skip, skip, they cost $1.99!” I was embarrassed.

  • I remember a boy walking behind me and flipping up my skirt. Nasty and mean.

  • I remember tagging along with my brother and his boy scout troop because mom and dad were pack leaders. Oh, I so wanted to be a Brownie!!!
    tesashel225 (@) aol (dotcom)

  • I was made fun of because my mom tied my hair back in a pony tail and my big ears would show. Everyone called me Dumbo and on a windy day they said i would be able to fly with my ears.
    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • I grew up with red hair and freckles. Need I say more?


  • I think my moment was when my mom permed my hair and it was short and huge to top this off I just got glasses and my mom got the ones that were tinted.

  • I was always new-I changed schools over 20 times! I was also extremely shy. My most awkward moments were standing in front of the class and being introduced. I always just wanted to sink through the floor!

  • One awful moment was when I was chewing gum in elementary school and the teacher caught me and sent me into the hall. I never chewed gum again, it was so embarrassing! Thanks for the chance.

  • I was a very small girl with big teeth in school and I had many nicknames that I would like to forget. dpschad@yahoo.com

  • My wimpy kid moment was in 2nd grade when I was trying to be a show off and jump off the swings over the sandbox (what was I thinking? lol) and of course I didn’t make it and I hit the corner of the sandbox. Everyone laughed, and I still have a big scar on my leg. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I was always made fun of for being a “cry baby”. I was very sensitive in middle school and it didn’t take much to make me cry.

    My email is girlygirljess52207@yahoo.com

  • I was tall and very skinny. My Dad was in the air force so we moved a lot. At one particular school I was the outcast because I was new and some of the kids spread a rumor that I was sick and that is why I was so skinny.

  • Tara

    I had glasses, braces and freckles!


  • I did not get braces until I was 15. Needless to say, this is not a great time in your life to get braces and I got teased alot. Having a strange last name didn’t help either.

  • My mom always made me wear what I called “granny sneakers” in grade school – basically Keds-type shoes. I hated it!

  • My worst moment was during an English test. My stomach was starting to feel really upset and I felt like a really needed to vomit. I jumped up from my chair to try the head out of the room but it hit me before I reached the door. As I leaned my head to the side expecting to vomit what came out was the loudest, grossest sounding burp. Everyone immediately started laughing and I felt so humiliated.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  • I was a band geek. Enough said.

  • I remember being in Art class and we had to discuss our work. It wa 7th or 8th grade. Everyone else drew so great, but my work was so juvenille and everyone laughed at me, not with me. It was def. an awkward moment and I remember how it felt.


  • lknott

    When I was in elementary school I only lived 3 blocks from the school. I was a little chunky and when I had a new pair of slacks I thought I looked great. The pants were too tight and black so on recess I went down the slide and the back tore out. My white panties were out to air and everybody laughed. I went home to chance and didn’t go back that day!!


  • I was the short heavy kid in Jr. High and had taken a dance class in 8th grade (big mistake!!). Anyway, we were learning a dance which required a flip across the boys back and none of them would do this with me so I ended up having to dance with the teacher. Pretty humiliating!
    pauline15_01 at hotmail dot com

  • On my way to the bus, a teacher stopped me to make a comment. Nice comment, but I missed my bus and having no real sense of direction had to walk home taking the same route I recalled the bus driver taking, evening stopping (and trying not to look wierd) at the places the bus driver stopped to unload. It’s a wonder I ever made it home.

  • I shared the same way home with the two bully brothers from accross the street. I was either hiding in school to leave there later or walk a different route (which I wasn’t allowed to)

  • I remember being called pizza face by the cute boy in school. It still bothers me to this day. I will do everything I can to keep something like this from happening to my girls. I don’t want their fragile egos hurt by something like this. thanks for the giveaway!

  • I was made fun of a lot as a kid – born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, had 26 surgeries before I was ten and after the last one, begged my parents to not have any more because I was tired of being picked on for going to school with surgical tape covering much of my face. I now wish I had had the surgeries and told the meanest of the bullies to bite me. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  • In 5th grade each student had to do an oral book report on a book they had read. I read a biography about Eleanor Roosevelt. When I got to the part about her pretending to swallow a penny, I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get the words out. After several minutes of hysterical laughing, the teacher told me to sit down.

  • ashjam72069@aol.com

    I always got teased about my last name…Butts!


  • I was teased, Bullied and picked on all through school. For being too skinny, having glasses and wearing hand me downs and generic sneakes. School was not fun

  • I remember being teased once for an awesome (or so I thought) new outfit I had. It was the early 90’s…we all looked like dorks, lol.

    (email is in my profile)

  • In the 5th grade we had our Christmas party and everyone had to open their gifts in front of the whole class. The girl who drew my name bought me a bra and panty set! They were bright orange too. I was mortified.
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

  • I was always picked on for my glasses and being slightly overweight! Kids are mean! 🙁

  • I had an older sister who thought it was funny to have everyone make fun of me. Calling me fat and ugly. She stills does it today but I don’t go around her now.

  • I got called all kinds of names because I was very thin. Now they are jealous of my body LOL.

  • i was always overweight and we moved a lot. so i was the fat new kid most of my formative years.

  • I was a shy introverted girl and didn’t talk much. I wasn’t good at sports and didn’t have much self confidence. I was in third grade and must have had an ink pen in my mouth. All of a sudden there was ink in my mouth and the teacher saw it and went out by the drinking fountain to wash it out. This was so embarrassing. Another time I was sitting in class and had a white shirt on. The girl behind me was poking her pencil on my back and said I had a squishy bug on it. I didn’t know I had a dark mole on my back and she was making fun of it.

  • I was the tallest of the girls and boys in my class and got called names. About 4th or 5th grade that changed and everything was okay.

  • when i was younger o would hide out in the bathroom at lunch cause i had no one to sit with

  • I remember my freshmen year of highschool – I had the top locker which I couldn’t reach and even if I could i could never get my combination lock to open so I just cariied ALL of my books with me everywhere

  • I’m making it just in time, it seems!

    I went to the High School for the Arts, and was performing a song one time, TOTALLY cracked, and then on top of it, yelled “s**t!”

    Everyone laughed, and it was pretty funny, but still mortifying!

  • being picked on cause my mom had me get a perm in middle school because SHE didnt want to deal with my hair – what a terrible choice!

    thanks for sponsoring this.


  • Anonymous

    6th grade class picture…I’m sticking my tounge out-yeak
    Diane Baum

  • I remember a time in grammar school when the boys started calling me Beans. I never understood why and it hurt my feelings. I have a feeling one of the boys passed gas and then blamed it on me to throw the attention off him.

  • I wet my underwear in the 1st grade. Talk about awkward!! Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)aol(DOT)com

  • I was teased incessantly in middle school because of a gap between my front teeth. One boy started calling me Mike Tyson and his friends picked up on it. No middle school girl wants that nickname.

  • I was a bully and not a wimpy kid…looking back I was an assho*& to many kids…maturity changes that

    trippyjanet at hotmail dot com

  • My worst days was my first year of high school.
    Over the summer I had developed a horrible case of teenage acne that covered my face, neck, upper arms, back and chest.
    It took about a year of Dermatologist treatments to get rid of it.
    But until then I was known as scarface.
    It was horrible and something that no child should ever have to go through.


  • When I was in middle school, this one girl hijacked my birthday party to tease me the whole night of the slumber party. A few years ago when I started getting involved in social networking and made a MySpace page, I was browsing through people I’d gone to school with and I found the girl’s profile. I checked it out saw that she had 3 friends – I had over 100. My husband took a look and told me “you win.” You get a lot further in life by being nice to people than by being mean.

    rsbryswrrl at gmail dot com

  • I was pretty clumsy as a kid. I remember in junior high when we had to be partnered up for tennis. I was so bad that my partner finally gave up and sat down on the court. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • i remember getting braces when i was 12 i got called brace face,tinsel teeth it was awful..thank god i didnt have to wear the head gear only at night that made me look like a phone operator..but even at home i still got picked on by my brother so i uess i had no escape 🙁

  • I had problem feet and had to wear special schools and a lot of the kids made fun of them. Sometimes kids can be so cruel.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    email in blogger profile.

  • This is a Horrible Story But true.

    I fell At a Birthday Party in 6 grade, Out of one of those Inflatable bounce houses. I went to the hospital to get stitches and A VERY VERY Mean Person Saw mt there getting stitches in my knee and Turned the whole situation around to somthing VERY perverted she went back to school and Told everyone I mean everyone That I had a Hot Dog stuck somewhere it didnt belong. So finally 4 years later I dropped out because the rumors didnt cease. My Oldest Starts School Tomorrow and I am hoping she doesnt have the same bad luck I did.

  • Anonymous

    I was very tall and skinny when I was in elementary school and my nickname was Treena Beanna, I hated it.
    couponsiwant at verizon dot net

  • got made fun of one day wearing to much makeup trying to fit in

  • I can remember back in the 6th grade when I got “sucker punched” by the mean girl in my class. We were in line at the end of the day getting ready for dismissal when she hit me for no reason (other than she was just a mean and evil girl!) I’d like to say I got even by punching her back, but that didn’t happen!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  • Thanks for the giveaway…my most Awkward School Moment was when I had to memorize & recite a poem in class; my presentation to the class was spot on, but when I sat down in my seat afterwards I promptly vomited on the floor & all over my shoes.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Anonymous

    I remember lossing a tooth in elementary school and dropping it on the bathroom floor. The floor (of course!) was made of small, square, white tiles. I crawled on my hands and knees for quite a while looking for that tooth afraid the toothfariy wouldn’t visit!
    greenlancer at comcast dot ent

  • My memory was breaking my finger trying to catch a football

  • I remember one time I got pushed off of the swing and scrapped my knees on the gravel – I was so upset and cried until my mom came to school to pick me up.

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  • Braces were my awkward moment. Back then, we were teased for having them. Oddly enough, I was teased because of my teeth before braces and also with them. However, I will never forget when they came off!!! That was the best time, my teeth were straighter then all of those that called me metal mouth. Kids are so cruel.

    Thank you so much for the entry!

    nikkidavissells at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    Worst moment for me was going into middle school and getting glasses and braces the first week. I just wanted to hide.

  • It is a bummer to get picked last for a team.

  • I remember falling down at school on the first day. Everyone just started laughing, and I wanted to go back home.

    charisscharity at yahoo dot com

  • In Kindergarten I got a lot of “attention” when I decided to cut my own hair. It was really bad and really short.

  • I remember getting glasses before they were cool also back in the 80’s and they had big black rims and I wouldn’t wear them and my grades dropped and people made fun of them and my name (tabathia) and kept calling me tab calling or laughing their heads off when teachers mispronounced my name
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • I remember having a crush on a boy and he wanted nothing to do with me…I was so embarrassed. Young love….lol! Thanks for the chance, justicecw@hotmail.com

  • I got braces a week before 6th grade ended and pretended to be really, really sick so that I wouldn’t have to go back to school! Sadly this didn’t work during the entire 7th and 8th grace that I had the braces…

    mcbrady 13 at hotmail dot com

  • I was a “loner” all throughout school especially high school and was always made fun of because of the way my hair was cut or the clothes I wore. It didn’t help that my Mom never let me wear what I wanted to and always bought me what she wanted me to wear. So pretty much my whole time in school was my worst moment. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  • I had a “popular” older boy start bashing me in my high school Spanish class when I was 13; he said it was wrong of me to try and speak Spanish with an appropriate accent (for the record, I’m caucasian and he was latino). I started crying in front of the whole class! Fortunately, the teacher overheard and gave him a tongue-lashing while praising my efforts to sound authentic rather than speak “Spanglish”. I’m glad she did; I now sing in multiple languages and work hard to make each one sound right!

  • Anonymous

    My worst moment in kindergarten was when the other kids teased me about my short hair and called me a boy!

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