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The sponsors who really should be at BlogHer

standard July 30, 2010 12 responses

I have no doubt that there are going to be some awesome sponsors at BlogHer this year – both official and unofficial. But there are a few who I’m sure won’t be present and would make a killing if they were.

1) Pfizers – makers of Xanax
Bloggers are introverts by nature. The sheer thought of 2000+ women in one hotel is enough to make many people hide in their room for three days. Any of those would be thrilled to cozy up to a Pfizer rep or two. Maybe they could create a ZenHer cocktail and hand deliver it when people tweet the words “overwhelmed” “anxious” or “Hiding!”

2) Space Bags! 
You spend weeks agonizing about the perfect outfits, the cute shoes, the ideal LBD. You pack your suitcase carefully, filling it with your nicest clothes. Then on the day you have to go home… there’s no room in your bags for any of the swag you’ve collected. That’s when you’d gladly chuck all the clothes to make room for the shoe horn and cocktail shaker you got from that party.
Solution? The Travel Space Bag! Who cares if it all comes home wrinkly! Suck all that air out and you double the space in your suitcase! You’re on your own for the overweight luggage fee.

3) Alka Seltzer
Conference food + no sleep + too many cocktails = really unhappy BlogHers. A little Alka Seltzer goes a long long way. People would be fighting at this booth.Oh, maybe there’s another cocktail in the making here…

4) Starbucks!
Heck, these guys don’t even have to be sponsors. If you’d pay almost $4 for a cup of coffee on a regular day, think what you’d pay early on a conference morning after a long night of partying!

5) Isotoner Slippers
Come on. Be honest. Those cute shoes are only comfortable for about 4 minutes. After that you’d ransack the Isotoner booth to get your hands on cushy slippers. No? I’m the only one? Well, I’ll be the only one not hobbling around come Sunday.

I know I’m missing a ton. I know I’ll be wishing they were there come Thursday, but I’ll probably be too dazzled and overwhelmed by everyone who is there to really notice. Wait, maybe there’s a cloning company somewhere who could come… I could use another one or two of me to make sure I get to everything I want to attend!

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