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Maybe Lindsay Lohan isn’t entirely to blame here

standard July 8, 2010 3 responses

I’m not saying she’s not at fault. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be punished. And I’m definitely not saying I’m not glad a judge finally threw the book at her.

I’m just saying that maybe, just maybe, the blame shouldn’t be placed squarely on Lindsay Lohan’s shoulders.

Imagine you’re a child who’s always been taught that “right” is everything you want and “wrong” is everything you don’t want. How skewed would your vision of right and wrong be?

Imagine you’re a very impressionable young girl who gets exposed to a lot of things a kid shouldn’t be exposed to – drugs, alcohol, sex, entitled behavior, unjustifiable rudeness – and no one is there to say “Hey, let’s not do this. You’re too young to go to that party.” or  “Wait a minute. This isn’t a place for kids. We’re leaving.” or my personal favorite “That’s not how we behave! Apologize right now!”

You know what happens? Well, you end up 24 years old without a clue about what’s right or wrong or that you’re supposed to be responsible for yourself or your actions. You’re a kid in an adult body and you don’t know how to follow the rules.

Ironic for a girl who played that very role in a movie.

Everyone is outraged that she never showed up to court appointed meetings. But, duh, why would she? Experience has taught her that she can do what she wants and someone will fix the rest.

What I want to know is this. Where were the parents in all this? What were they doing when they should have been teaching her right from wrong, personal responsibility, and accountability? Oh, right, they were busy enjoying the celebrity lifestyle.

I’m glad that someone is finally putting their foot down and standing up to Lohan. I’m glad someone is going to teach her that she doesn’t live outside the laws, that she’s not a child who gets away with whatever she wants. I’m secretly hoping that this whole ordeal might make Lindsay grow up a bit, might make her learn what no one has taken the time to teach her before. Funny it took a judge to start acting like a parent.

And yes, I could be completely off base about this whole thing. I didn’t spend hours researching Lindsay Lohan’s life nor did I interview anyone in her close surroundings. But I’m a mom – a strict one at that – and to me this whole thing smacks of parenting gone terribly awry, and of a world that allows child actors to never grow up.

And that my friends is not just a crying shame, it’s a terrible, terrible waste.

Doesn’t she look just like a confused child?

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3 responses

  • Agreed, for the most part. News reports said she was out until two–with her mom–the night after she was sentenced.

    Absolutely the parents are to blame. I know a lot of people with crummy parents who DECIDE to grow up, perhaps she’ll do so.

  • I agree that it’s a lack of parenting. Although kids are born with some of their own traits, it’s our job as parents to guide them and teach them values. While they will make poor choices, you can tell the difference when someone has had no parenting, whatsoever.

  • The Parent Trap was on this past weekend and I was reminded of what talent she had. Now, she really is just a waste. It’s kind of funny. Her parents got so into the celebrity life that they ruined the person that got them there in the first place.

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