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Family Reading Night?

standard July 15, 2010 53 responses

I didn’t marry a reader. I married a musician. I married a man who loves to travel. I married a man who, in facts, loves many, many things, but reading is not high on that list. My girls on the other hand are turning into voracious readers like me.

I’ve always done my best to model good reading behavior by reading around them when I can. At least that’s what I tell myself when I steal a moment with a book.

Thanks to the VTech V.Reader campaign I’m going to take that a step further (and I don’t just mean by letting go of any existing guilt I feel when I read when my girls are around.) by instigating a Family Reading Night. One night in the next week or so, after dinner, we’re all going to gather in the living room, each with our own books, and we’re going to read.

Sure, it’s not going to be the easiest thing to organize, what with the husband who doesn’t really read and the children who are still too young to read, but with two V.Readers and a few magazines I think we can make it work. I doubt we’ll last longer than 10 minutes on our first night, but maybe, just maybe, with a little perseverance and practice, we’ll become one of those families that sit together and read in companionable silence. After all, as two people commented on my last post, it’s all about the company you read with, not really where or what you read.

I love to read. It’s a huge part of my life and nothing would make me happier than transmitting that love to my girls. Especially if I can do it while indulging myself a little at the same time!

But wait! There’s more! There’s a giveaway!
I only very rarely do this on this blog (In fact, this might be a first!), but VTech and I would like to offer one of you lucky readers a V.Reader of your very own. (Well, you might have to share with your children… but that’s up to you!) To enter just leave a comment below telling us if your family ever reads together, if you would like this to be the case, if you’ll maybe try to establish a Family Reading Night of your own. I’ll pick a winner at random on Monday, July 19th. (That’s this Monday!)

Thank you to all who entered! The winner has been chosen and a second V.Reader giveaway has been posted! 

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53 responses

  • I used to feel guilty about reading with the kids around, too! But now I say, “I’m heading to the couch to read, does anybody want to join me?” Then I don’t feel like I’m ignoring them, which is silly anyway, but it’s hard to let go of guilt sometimes, even if it’s unearned. 😉

  • Setting an example by reading in front of your children isn’t something EVER to feel guilty about. At least I hope not, I did it all the time when my son was younger.

    He’d play, I’d sit in the same room with him and read. He’d ask me about what I was reading.

    We also read together nightly and had a library night.

    When he got into school and had required reading, if he read a book he thought I’d like, he’d tell me to read it. Specifically, The View from Saturday, My Antonia, and When Religion Goes Bad.

    He’s 23 now and he’s a lifelong reader. He’s also heading off to earn an MLIS (a master’s in library and information science) at LSU.

    So I think the reading thing stuck!

    If I were to win this nifty contest, I would use the reader in my classroom. I get geekily excited just thinking about the kids clamoring for their turn!

  • We read together all the time. My kids are young and enjoy it. We don’t have a special night, but we do read together daily.

  • Yes we read together and since the kids are different ages each one picks the book (or chapter) for the night. We also take weekly trips to the library to pick up new titles
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Yes, we read together all the time. We read bedtime stories every night, and I encourage my daughter to read a story back to us also.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  • Yes, love reading with my (well actually to my) little one. Thanks for the shot at winning.

  • This is a great idea. Our kids are still too young for this, but I expect that, with the iPad becoming the next toddler “reading” device, we might be able to start something like this even before the kids go to school.
    We just started allowing Daniel to “read” in his bed past bedtime for a few minutes. Maybe this can morph into something more social for the whole family.

  • read all the timend go to the library mrs.mommyyatgmail

  • we do have family home evening every monday night and read. love it. amypugmire@live.com

  • We read together at night after all the dishes have been washed and put away.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

  • Yes, We have family reading night and we all sit down and read together.

  • We love to read, we have a reading time every evening.

  • We read together all the time. We make weekly trips to the library and then sit and read for hours.

  • I don’t have a set Family Reading Night, since I feel like many of our nights are exactly that! We’re not big into tv or video games, and we like to gather in the living room after dinner, put out some snacks, and read. The kids prefer to be on a blanket on the floor, my husband and I sit on the sofa. Kids learn by example, and we are avid readers.


  • Daniel M

    we go to the library every week and let them pick then all read what they got – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  • I read to my kids all the time. We dont have a special night but that would be a good idea.


  • We do read together. We visit the library every week for new books and have a 30 minute time each day for everyone to read.
    monster6236 at gmail dot com

  • Katie R.

    My daughter and I usually read together everynight. She is just learning how to read so we take turns reading pages.


  • Yes, we do read together sometimes, but we should really do it more often.

    macd9900 at gmail dot com

  • I am a huge reader and remember when I first came to love reading, My mom got me the little house on the prairie books. I would read for hours in fact most of my childhood pictures have me with my nose in a book. When I was pregnant I would read every night aloud to baby. My daughter and I dont have family reading night but we do spend our days by the pool reading together while daddy does yard work 🙂

  • My kids and I pick a few books to read each night. We love to read! My kids are 5 3 and 5 months so getting them to love reading is important to me and I think it starts when kids are young:)


  • my 3 grandkids and i read EVERY night. they take turns picking a book. we dicuss things happening in the book. and what kind of story they can come up with looking at the pictures. it is a blast

  • When my children were little, evening story time was a standard ritual, but now that they are grown, we might all be reading, but usually in different locations!

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

  • Do laptops count? 🙂 S & I seem to read more news, blogs, even books on our computers…I do read regular books occasionally and the kids see me reading all the time, whether it’s the kindle, a hard cover book or the laptop… But I really like the idea of instituting a regular family reading time. I’ve tried it once or twice when I wanted to finish a book & the girls ‘read’ their own books next to me, but I’m going to try to make it a regular occurrence soon.

  • I also married a non-reader. My husband just can’t sit down to a book. But I love to read and try to model this for my son. Mostly at bedtime when he wants to get up, I sit in his room and read quietly.

  • We have read together on occasion, but it’s not something we do as a planned activity.

  • Anonymous

    We go to the library at least twice a week and discuss what we are reading over dinner!


  • Honestly, no we don’t read together. My older kids are teens. We do all take turns reading to the younger two kids. We all read a lot, just separately.

  • we love reading together but I especially love listening to my little dude read to me

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  • I married a musician too! I am a big reader and I am hoping that my kids get bitten by the reading bug too. I would love a family reading night, but so far we don’t have anything scheduled like that. I read to the boys everyday though. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Lona728@ yahoo dot com

  • We read at least one book a night…sometimes it’s the same book over and over!

  • I love snuggleing up with a good book to share with my granddaughter.

  • We do all read together each night before bed!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • We read together almost every night when we put the kids to bed. My husband or I will sit on my daughters bed and reads a story while the other holds the baby so we can all listen.

    summer.tidmore at yahoo dot com

  • We do a reading night once a week,our kids love it.Sometimes we act out the book&everyone picks there part


  • WE dont read together but we do puzzles together, so that’s kind of like reading

  • I read to my daughter every night before bed and before nap time. She’s only 2. When she gets older I would love to establish a reward program for every book she finishes 🙂


  • my daughters and i love to read out in the backyard it is so peaceful and quiet and much easier to concentrate 🙂

  • We do have a family reading night, about once a week or so. My daughter and my son really enjoy it!

    fineinsanity {at} live {dot} com

  • Reading has always been an important part of my family life. We don’t have a set time for it, but we all get it in when we can.

  • We read together all the time

  • We read together nearly every night. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  • We read to our little one [19months] every day and every night! Don’t read TO the 11 year old, but sometimes try to read the same book as she is so we can discuss it. Would be fun to have us all reading something in the same room at the same time, even if it wasn’t the same book!

    kt1969 at comcast dot net

  • Lonnette J

    My kids and I read daily. I’ve even enrolled them in several summer reading programs. There’s nothing like escaping with a good book!

    n2sweeps AT yahoo DOT com

  • We go to the library once a week or so and the kids pick out their favorite books which we read to each other at night before bed.

    I love to read and so does my son.

  • We do not have a family reading night. Although my wife loves to read, she can often be found snuggled on the couch with our little one reading her a book. My daughter has developed her love of books as well.

  • I read to the kids each night before bed, but we don’t often all read together.f

  • my husband & i both read to our kids before they go to bed

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  • We read together all the time, and though we don’t call it family reading that’s exactly what it is, and it’s a cherished part of the day for all of us.


  • We read together. I also like to have the older kids read to the younger ones. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Yes! We read together all the time. It’s a great habit to develop at a young age.

  • We read together daily.

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