Ending the day lost in a book

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At the end of a long day – no matter how long – I always climb into bed with a book in hand. I dim the lights down low and scootch down into my bed. I pull up the pillow and the blankets so that I’m covered by plush and softness on all sides. Then I crack open my book and read until my eyes drift closed.

Ending the day lost in a book is my favorite way to fall asleep. Even after an insane day spent running around tending to a million responsibilities this quiet moment is a pearl that I treasure.

Neither of my girls are old enough to read themselves to sleep, but they are old enough to also treasure a cozy reading spot. In fact, their favorite is the corner of the couch, where they often find me working away on my computer.

They’ll grab a book, anything handy, and climb up besides me.

“Read it!” They beg, pushing the laptop away, and when time permits I’m more than happy to comply. I put the computer down and get cozy, deep into the overstuffed couch cushions. I pull the child close to me, tucking her under my arm, and I open the book. There, together, we dive into the book and travel into the world created by the author.

This post has been sponsored by VTech in honor of the launch of the awesome V.Reader. (Review coming soon on The Lemonade Stand.) The theme of the week was “Favorite Reading Spots.” It wasn’t hard for me to come up with ours, but I’d love to know about yours! Where do you and your children like to read? Is it conventional like me, or a bit more out of the ordinary?

Stay tuned for more VTech and V.Reader inspired posts over the next few weeks! And join the VTech Summer Reading Pledge! You could win a V.Reader of your own!

(Full disclaimer. I am being compensated and have received a V.Reader for this campaign. Nevertheless, all thoughts and opinions contained in this post and all other VTech V.Reader posts are and will be my own.)

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3 responses

  • I’m not sure I’ve ever had a favorite reading spot, but I’ve had favorite reading partners. I used to love snuggling with my ex, him with his book and me with mine. For me, it’s not the place, it’s the company. 🙂

  • krellpw

    We’ve got a squishy couch in the front room that fits me perfectly to doze off in on a lazy weekend afternoon or late in the evening on those rare occasions when I can read for my individual enjoyment.

    It’s great because there’s no television in that room, and the computer’s in a roll top desk so I can close the lid and pretend it’s not there. It’s also the one room in the house that we try to keep presentable (read: toy free), so it’s a bit of grown up solitude.

    If I’m reading to little people in the house, then as Lara said, “it’s not the place, it’s the company.” Any where, any time they want to read is fine with me.

  • my favorite reading spot would be anywhere outside when the weather’s cool. for some reason i like reading in natural light and with nature around me. thanks for sharing your favorite spot to read. btw, you might want to join our Summer giveaway – you can win $50 – just grab our badge: http://blog.ed2group.com/2010/07/sizzling-hot-summer-promo-2010/

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