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And then they were gone

standard July 19, 2010 4 responses

Almost a month ago I was anticipating the arrival of a number of visitors – friends and family members – who were going to descend upon us in a seemingly unending wave of couch surfers. I was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of juggling the fun of having people visit and the stress of work that couldn’t be set aside during this time.

Tonight I’m on my couch, the kids are in their own beds, and I can hear M snoring softly through the wall. There is no inflatable mattress on the floor, no one waiting for me to be done working so they can turn off the light and sleep their jetlag away.

They’re all gone. I put the last of the visitors on the plane this morning and walked back to my car, exhausted and a bit bereft.

There are no sheets to be washed before the next visitor arrives. There are no special groceries to be bought for fancy dinners. There are no excursions to be planned. I’m not answering questions about appropriate Northern California wear or asking what anyone likes for breakfast.

I know what my family has for breakfast and by now they know to bring along a sweater because it gets cold at night.

It was lovely to sit on my very own couch tonight and catch up on my neglected Tivo lineup. I was able to work without worrying about the fact that I was ignoring guests who had traveled far to see me. But I’m sad anyway. It’s too quiet here and tomorrow is going to dawn very normal, with no cousins, sisters, mother, friends to join me sleepily in the kitchen as I rush around getting the kids ready for daycare.

I’m going to be lonely while I drink my tea.

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4 responses

  • In a way, I know how you’re feeling. We had a graduation party for my son last weekend, and though it didn’t consume me like having many family members visit, it was on my mind much of the time.

    I didn’t stress about it much at all, but when it was over, there wa an emptiness.

    A let down. A day after Christmas when you’re seven kind of feeling.

    Good thing there’s always something else to look forward to and experience!

  • I wish my family could visit like that. I remember when I would visit family as a child and never wanting those days to end.


  • Oh I so often feel like this. All that build up, and even if it’s stressful and full of irritating stuff, afterward there’s such an emptiness. Going to read more of your blog now.

  • yup, you kind of miss having visitors around. maybe because there’s a huge difference when they’re around, a really huge difference.. join our summer giveaway if you want – grab our badge for a chance to win $50: http://blog.ed2group.com/2010/07/sizzling-hot-summer-promo-2010/

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