A string of cousins

standard July 22, 2010 4 responses

My mother brought with her four little dresses – really little dresses with leggings – one for each of her granddaughters. The concept was cute; four identical cousins for one happy picture. In practice though I thought we might run into some issues.

Four cousins. raging from 3 to 8, all wearing the same dress? I couldn’t quite see it happening.

And yet, on the last evening we all spent at the beach,we did make it happen. It might be the last time they all wear their dresses at the same time. It might even be the last time the oldest ever wears her dress, but it was really cute for the five minutes it lasted.

Even though it was cold.
Really, really cold.
So cold we eventually went indoors.

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4 responses

  • The next time three of four of them will be dressed alike may be at the fourth’s wedding! (Although I like bridesmaids who are dressed somewhat alike…)

    These photos are just darn cute!

  • Happy, Healthy Birthday and Many Happy, Healthy Returns of the Day. I have now: emailed, facebooked, called, and posted a comment. Excuse me while I go find the Buzz. I love you.

  • Soooo cute! I came over from your twitter after seeing VDog’s siblings tweet. Darling.

  • OMG! They are sooo cute! We don’t do identical outfits for pics, but we coordinate all the grands for an annual pic with my brother and sister each year. Our age range is too big for matching (15yrs to 18 mo), but the older kids “tolerate” their mom’s wishes. 🙂

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