Flying to NY… for my dad’s booksigning

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Tomorrow night I’m going to the airport, getting on a plane, and flying to NY by myself. That’s right. By myself. I’m actually looking forward to my red-eye flight because, even though I’ll have a mere 5 hours to sleep, it’ll be the first solo red-eye I’ve been on in years. And you know what? Five hours with no one wriggling on my lap is going to be heaven.

And why am I going to NY you ask? Why, when I’ll be heading back there at the start of August for BlogHer? That’s easy. I’m going to my father’s book signing.

Oh yeah, the writing, it runs in the family. (The poor sentence structure, though is all me.)

My father’s book, The Grave Gourmet, a delightful culinary mystery set in Paris, is being released next week. He’s doing ONE pre-release book signing, this Thursday, June 24th, 7pm, at Partner’s & Crime, 44 Greenwich Ave, NYC, and what kind of a daughter would I be if I didn’t attend?*

(Don’t answer that.)

I’m flying into NY early Thursday morning, spending the day hanging with my step-mother, doing the book singing thing on Thursday night (Anyone want a copy? I already have a long list of requests, happy to add you to the list!), then Friday we’re going to The Met with both my sisters and having a fancy dinner, then Saturday I hop back on the plane and come rescue M who will be a bit beat after doing the single dad thing for three days.

You’d think after that I’d spend Sunday sleeping. But no, I’m sure I’ll be spending it catching up on work and playing with the kids. (You’re so jealous. I know!)

It’s going to be an intense three days, the potential for stress is definitely there, but in keeping with what I pledged on Sunday, I’m going to keep my chin up and my outlook positive. It’s going to be a whirlwind of a trip, but I’m going to make sure it’s awesome.

*You can learn all about my dad and his book here: You can follow him on Twitter here: And you can come to NYC on Thursday to see me him! Come on, you know you want to!

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