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Meet Me HalfwayMy girls are singers. They don’t usually sing on key, or even near the key. They don’t always know the right words, or even all the words. But whatever they lack in talent or knowledge is made up in volume and enthusiasm.

Lots and lots of enthusiasm.

Their favorite place to sing is in the car. Maybe they like the acoustics, maybe they’re protesting my radio choice, either way, that’s where they sing. Some days I sing along. Some days I let them serenade me. And some days I turn up the radio to cover their voices, because really, how many times can a person listen to BINGO was his name-O before going slightly nuts.

For all my griping and begging them to stop yelling already, I do love hearing them sing. I love hearing Little L stop a bar into a song and say “How’s it goes again?” or listening to C belt out the words to Take Me Out to the Ballgame, interjecting “The Giants” for “the home team” at the right spot. I’m always fascinated to hear what songs they’re going to be singing. They learn them at school and at daycare, on TV shows and movies they watch, and apparently sometimes on the radio.

Most of the songs are exactly what you’d expect – the alphabet song, row-row-row your boat, Old McDonald. Some of them have interesting endings, like the never heard by us ending of row-row-row your boat which had to do with crocodiles and not dreamy lives and made us laugh hysterically when Little L sang it for the first time.

And then some of them are not at all what you’d expect. Like this song. My girls both know every word to the refrain of the Black Eyed Peas song Meet me Halfway. So, so proud.

And yes. They sing it LOUD. In the car. Over the radio. You so wish you were me.

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  • I LOVE it–so cute! My 17-month old loves Single Ladies (because he can oh-oh-oh with the best of them) and the BEP’s Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night (ooohh-ooohhh!). I think an appreciation and love of music in kids is so important and they should be introduced to all kinds of tunes early on. Ok, maybe I’m a little too loose since my 4yo loves Green Day, but I love that they love to sing and dance!

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