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And the princess turned 5

standard May 17, 2010 2 responses

It all started with…

A new bike.
(And a few other presents.)
Which led to this. 
(It’s not as early as it looks.)
And some of this. 
Yes. In the kitchen. 
Because that’s where you ride your new birthday bike.
It also led to this. 
Had to get the little sister a helmet too!
The kitchen turned out to be a bit cramped.
So they took to the open road sidewalk.
A few hours later it was PARTY TIME!
Pool party time to be precise. 
And lucky for us the weather decided to cooperate in the nick of time.
 She’s usually very sweet and loving.
Just not when facing a pinata.
Then there was cake!
Lots of cake. 
(This was served surrounded by strawberries.)

Five candles are harder to blow out than four.

But discovering that mommy drew the smiley face you asked for 
more than makes up for it.
The little sister helped herself to cake, a fork, and seat.
Then she methodically ate it.
And the second and third piece she snagged too.
(I was confused when she handed me a half eaten piece of cake and told me she was done.
Then I looked through the pictures and realized she’d had quite a bit before…)
Followed by a strawberry chaser.
And like all good parties it ended with a little lambada. 
(What? Don’t yours?)

Five years ago today I was waiting somewhat impatiently to meet my first child. This morning she tiptoed into my room and, with an irresistible smile, asked for a birthday hug. It’s been an awesome five years, but I know the best is yet to come. I fell in love with her when she was a tiny infant, and I’ve fallen a bit more in love with her every day ever since. She’s just that amazing.

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2 responses

  • Happy birthday to my niece! Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the pictures!

  • Great birthday pics. Looks like fun. Happy 5th birthday.

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