Fighting Child Hunger at the LA Foodbank

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I arrived in LA around noon, and after a little snafu where Melinda from Look What Mom Found and I forgot Jessica Smith at the Burbank airport, I checked into my hotel room.

I resisted the urge to dive into the massive expanse of King sized white soft cushy bed that I don’t have to share with anyone and headed down to lunch meet the other bloggers taking part in the ConAgra Foods Child Hunger Ends Here trip.

I’m in amazing company. Seriously.

Still gabbing non stop we headed to the LA Food bank where all of our chatter stopped in the face of the enormity of what the food bank does. These people work tirelessly to collect donations and wrangle amazing discounted food for the countless people in LA who are hungry every day.

Last year this food bank fed a million people.

We toured the whole warehouse – sort of like a massive Costco.

Then we headed upstairs to the packing room where we packed backpacks for the kids who are on the free lunch program at school. These backpacks go home with them on Friday night, packed with enough food to see them through the weekend, and then come back Monday to be refilled at the end of the week.

We packed 179 bags, enough to for one school, not nearly enough to feed all the kids who need it.

We joked and laughed as we packed up generic peanut butter, corn flakes, spaghetti, and a few other things, but it was hard to not imagine the child who would be digging in to these bags and wonder if he’d be thrilled to find a little bag of animal crackers or sad that there were so few treats.

It was an amazing experience and it felt good to do something hands on to help the hungry kids of LA.

Tomorrow we are heading the Desperate Housewives set for the official launch of the CHEH program. It’s not going to be the same kind of hands on help, but I’m hoping that it will be no less valuable. The more people are made aware of the hunger situation in the US, the more help these kids will get.

I’m glad to be a part of it all.

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  • Thrilled to be a part of it with you! Loved chatting today!

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