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Before we go to Hawaii…

standard April 19, 2010 4 responses

In the car, out of the blue, C said

“Before we go to Hawaii I want you to get me a Hawaiian skirt.”

There are so many things wrong with that sentence. First, we’re not going to Hawaii. Second, she was so sure that were going, there was no way to correct her. Though maybe we were just laughing too hard to try.

We haven’t been to Hawaii since we went back in 2006 for a friend’s wedding and back then we went alone, leaving C with her grandparents for the week.

We’ve been joking about going back ever since.

I just don’t think we’ve ever considered going with the kids.

Every time I open my novel I dive into the Hawaiian world I have created for my characters. I’ve tried to take myself to the place we spent a magical week, tried to recreate it perfectly in my mind so that I could in turn create it perfectly for my readers and take them there with me.

My perfect Hawaii doesn’t have sand toys, sippy cups, or even a booster seat or two.

I’m not sure how taking the kids to paradise meshes with my fantasy.

Would it be amazing to go on a vacation with them that doesn’t involve extended family? Just the four of us, bonding over sand castles and Mai Tais? (Do they even make virgin Mai Tais?) Or would it be sad to destroy that one place that I love to escape to in my mind? That place where I got to be a grown-up without kids, even though I’d already had the one.

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4 responses

  • I would have to say that, right now, you shouldn’t bring the girls to Hawaii. There’s two things I’ll touch on:
    First, you need to finish the novel, and admittedly it would help your writing a lot to be immersed within that whole culture once again, but not if it’ll change the tone of your book to be at all child-based. That would be, in my opinion, a bad thing.
    Secondly, and alternatively, perhaps you should consider bringing Hawaii to them? Surprise the girls with a backyard luau party, perhaps? It would be a memorable experience, and it probably would be a much cheaper way to get you back in the mood of Hawaii. After the girls are asleep, you could sit outside under the tiki torches and listen to some ukelele music and use that atmosphere to write your heart out. 🙂
    Just my two cents.

  • Ok, so u know we r here right now w the kids. Its great fun, however I think if hawaii has a special part in ur life, u should wait abit before L gets a little older. Old enough for them to be able to understand to give u some alone space.

  • Ben has some great points…m/b when you’re done w/ your novel you could take the girls & go as a family? You could always go to a different island to try to keep the magic alive.

    We’ve gone as a family & it can be hard, but it’s definitely do-able & can be wonderful. It’s better if you can bring someone to help out…or go w/ another family to help keep the kids occupied & give you a day/night off to do grown-up things. S won’t go w/o the kids & we have an amazing pic of A on stage at a luau from last year! And yes, they do make virgin mai-tais. 🙂

  • What a great idea Ben has! C’s innocent comment is the perfect impetus to host a luau, complete with ukelele. 🙂

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