The pink is… gone!

standard March 29, 2010 5 responses

Today we bought these.

Forget the fact that I bought Crocks. We use them as beach/pool shoes for the girls.

Focus instead on the color.

That’s right they’re red. Not pink. Not fuchsia. Not rose. Red. Plain old fireman red.

And C picked them from a sea of shades of pink. Because as she says “she’s not so happy with pink any more.” Nope. Now she likes red and blue.

It has been four years in coming. Four years of pink shoes, pink shirts, pink pants, pink, pink, pink, pink. And now, poof, it’s gone. Luckily Little L has always been a purple girl, so can fully rejoice.

The reign of pink is over. All hail the other colors of the rainbow.


Pink is GONE.

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5 responses

  • While my 4th grade girls wear some pink, it’s funny, the lower in grade halls are full of it.

    I always thought if I had a girl, I would dress her in other colors from the start, but there does seem to be something biologically wired toward pink with females.

    Glad the shoes are red, sorry they’re Crocs…


  • Yeah!!! I agree with Ellen, I always thought I’d steer clear of pink. But gradually over the course of 3 girls I’ve just given in to it. Luckily Grace does seem to be loving more bright colors but she still claims to have pink as a favorite color.

    I love crocs as pool shoes. They stay on in the water and provide protection against hot cement. Actually, Grace just asked me to buy her a new pair yesterday when we realized hers from two years ago don’t fit..

  • I think I would be sad. Maybe because I, myself, love pink.

  • Wow…. Juju will be crushed that C has left the pink club. As Pinkalicious says… eventually “pink is a lonely color.”

  • we just bought crocs this weekend too! i had even convinced my kids to buy BLACK ones too! (they were the color on sale … teehee)

    however, why do people hate crocs?? i love them for the girls… no summer stinky feet and super super easy to clean!

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