Spare a moment for a friend?

standard March 19, 2010 1 response

I don’t often ask for favors and, to be fair, this one isn’t for me.

I have a friend, a virtual friend, a bloggy friend, a woman I’ve met a handful of times, but who I still feel incredibly close to, who needs a hug, a high five, or just to know that people around the world are thinking of her and helping her to be strong.

Susan at Toddler Planet is an amazing, inspiring, wonderful person and it’s tearing me up inside that she’s facing yet another cancer scare. But she’d kick my butt if she thought I was feeling sorry for her. Which I’m not! (Honest Susan! Put the foot down!) I’m just mad. Because crappy things shouldn’t happen to great people.

The only thing I can do from far away is send her daily funny, inspiring, or just sappy hellos and thoughts. I can send you guys to do the same. And I can put the Team WhyMommy button back on my blog. I took it down when Susan declared she was done talking about cancer so she could focus on her cancer free life.

I’m putting it back up until she says that again. (Hopefully in the next couple of days when her biopsy results come in.)

Susan I’m standing by your side all the way. You know, even if I’m miles and miles away.

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