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Sick day #4 and the never ending rain

standard March 4, 2010 4 responses

On Sunday evening I tucked in both girls and thought they felt a tad warm. Moments later C started coughing in her sleep.

With two kids with asthma coughing is run of the mill around here, but this wasn’t an asthma cough, it was a croupy cough and my heart sank. Croup means a long night and at least a day or two at home. Which, while never fun, isn’t usually a big deal. But when your husband is on the other side of the country for a few days, a long night and a day stuck at home make for a very long day.

Or a very long three days in this case.

Because she woke up Tuesday morning with a high fever.

Which didn’t go away until this evening.

When Little L started to run a fever.

So, yay, M is home. But boo on the sick kid thing. Because the long nights spent listening to the cough to gauge the optimal moment for an Albuterol dose are starting to wear me down.

Wish me luck. As I typed this Little L started coughing. It’s still an asthma-ish cough, but I think I can detect a hint of barking seal in there, sure sign of croup. 

And did I mention that it’s still raining?

I don’t care. I’m still going to go for a run. If I don’t get out of this house for at least 30 minutes I might go crazy.

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4 responses

  • yuck on the Croup. My Middle gets it and its terrifying. Plus I just feel so bad for him.

    My Little is sick now, too. We were up at 3:39 this morning with that one.

    These poor kids… and these poor parents.

    Hope everyone gets better and you actually got in your run.

  • croup scares the hell out of me. we all have strep. but I bet you’d trade me.

  • Nothing worse than having 2 kids sick in this yucky weather! I feel your pain b/c my kids are sick too. I hope your little girls get better real soon. We’ve never had croup here, but we’ve had other sicknesses. This has been a hellish year for non stop sickness! Can’t believe how often my kids have gotten sick. I blame the rain

  • Anonymous

    The best ways to prevent Croup Cough to happen in children is to make sure that their hands are washed properly and that they avoid contact with people who have respiratory infections.

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