From the mouths of babes: Bummer that’s not the name we gave you

standard March 30, 2010 4 responses

Of all the parenting decisions I have had to make over the last five years and a half, nothing has stressed me out more than choosing names for my girls.

We can figure out a new school if something goes wrong. We could always buy different bottles, grow out a bad hair cut, abort a bad vacation choice, change a parenting tactic.

But a name? That’s for life. And everything rides on it.

I agonized over the choice. Worried that we’d give her a too-girly name that would make an entrance into a boardroom awkward. Stressed that we’d give her a name that would get her teased in school.

And then we found the perfect name. Classy, not too popular, cute, but serious. Perfect.

Which is why when she declared tonight that she’d rather be known as Layla Michelle Fawn from now on, I had to say, yeah, no, sorry.

Because really? I I get Layla and Michelle, but Fawn? That’s a new one for me, and I bet it would get her seriously teased both in school and in the boardroom.

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