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Just want to be done itis

standard February 15, 2010 9 responses

Every morning I drop the girls off at daycare and head to my favorite Starbucks and sit at whatever table I can find. I crack open my computer and get to work. I check my email. I write whatever articles or blog posts are pending. And then I turn my attention to my book.

For a while the edits were going great. I’d open up the file and dive in, adding details where details were sparse, tightening up text where it rambled, fixing things that just didn’t work. It was fun.

For the first 60 or so pages.

Now I just want to be done. Or rather I want to be writing.

I’m so far from the time when I was actively writing the book, thinking about plotlines, worrying about characters and situations, and I miss the rush that I got from it.

All this editing just feels like homework and it’s not nearly as fun.

I’m caught in a catch-22. If I were motivated, the edits would be going faster, but I’m not, so I’m dragging my feet and they are taking forever, which is killing what little motivation I have.

I think that I might attempt to work on my query letter this week, both as an incentive to get the edits done, and as a way to catch some serious holes in the story. And I’ll be writing again, which I know is going to help me get all motivated about this story again.

And I really need to, because I so want to be done with this book so I can get on to the next one.

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9 responses

  • You sound like me two weeks ago. I feel ya. Take a break, find something that inspires you, whether it’s watching ten movies or listening to some music. I’m posting a good quote on my blog tomorrow. Check it out. In the meantime, know that you can do it. You can power through, you have the talent. *Hugs*

  • You can do it!! I can only imagine how “not fun” this time is, but you will get there and once you do, it will be so worth it! Hang in there.

  • It’s so amazing to know of how hard you’re working on something you love so much. Well, love-hate at this juncture. But the book, when finished will be worth every moment.

  • I’m so with you, Jessica. So with you. I have a pile of chapters to my left that I’m trying to beat into shape today … it is hard, but won’t it feel great when it’s DONE?

  • I hear you! I’m the same when it comes to editing/rewrites.

    I would much rather just write and not have to worry about the more ‘serious’ side of things. But unless its purely for your personal enjoyment, it has to be done.

    Find a pattern that works for you, large chunks at a time, or a paragraph or two. It will still be a chore, but more manageable.

    Best of luck, you /can/ do it, keep your chin up ^^

  • 🙂 There are a few tricks to taking care of the editing bore. One thing I do is, if I have another project (and I always do), is I alternate between the other project(s) and the editing.

    Another thing is to see if M can help you get one big long uninterrupted chunk of time, like a weekend or something, and plough through in that dedicated time.

    Also, I find that making “contests” between myself and fellow writers on how many pages we can edit from our WIP by a given deadline.

    Lastly, pull together your cheerleading squad. All the fans you’ve had read the story: have them keep asking how you are doing – saying they look forward to cheering you on when you start to send queries.

    All that said, pulling together your thoughts for your query letter and a 1-page synopsis WILL DEFINITELY help you find places where you are rambling or need to tighten – so that’s a good trick, too!

    Very good luck with your novel! 😉 I look forward to cheering you on when you start querying!

  • Hi Jessica,

    Taking your mind off for the mean time and focusing on other stuff might help you refresh your enthusiasm and get rid of that “boring” feeling. You can also keep yourself motivated by competing with yourself, like if you finish this X number of pages today then try to beat that tomorrow.

    More power to you!

  • I’m smack in the middle of my first draft. But I’ve been visiting other writers’ sites who are in the same boat as far as struggling their way through the revising/editing process.

    Maybe, before you start your editing goals for the day, you could set aside 20 minutes for free writing of some kind?

  • I’m with you – love writing. HATE editing, with a passion. So I don’t have any decent advice. But my generic advice would be break it down into achievable bits and reward yourself when you finish each one. So impressed that you’re getting through it anyway though – I’ve failed miserably in that area ;o)

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