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As one of my responsibilities at the paper I had to write a monthly column. Way back when I started the topic was left up to me. At a complete loss for inspiration I came up with the only idea that seemed feasible long term. I decided I’d do a column featuring local mompreneurs.

We’re in Silicon Valley. Mom entrepreneurs are not hard to find out here. I figured I’d easily be able to find someone to interview every month. Even better, interviews make for relatively simple articles to write. A win win situation in my opinion.

Little did I know that I had stumbled onto something that would quickly become my favorite part of the job.

Every month I find myself thrilled to be interviewing a new mompreneur. So far I’ve talked to moms who have created all sorts of businesses – a nanny service for kids with special needs, an indoor birthday party venue, a hand painted decoration tile company – and each conversation has been fun. It hasn’t felt like work. It’s just felt like I was meeting new friends.

I’m no longer managing the paper, but I have held on to my column, because the sheer thought of giving it up made me sad. What can I say? Interviewing moms who have created their own business is one of the highlights of my month.

Each of these women has one thing in common: passion for the business they’ve created from the ground up. It comes through loud and clear over the phone. They’re tired because they pour all their time into their business, but they’re excited and happy. It’s contagious.

I start each call with a simple prompt. “Tell me your story.” And as they do I get pulled in. Before the end of the story I’m hooked. I brainstorm ideas, offer commiseration and congratulations, and by the time I’ve hung up I feel invested in their success. Even better, I’m high on the knowledge that against all odds people can build their dreams out of nothing.

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1 response

  • It always excites me whenever I see women put up their own businesses and become independent. Mompreneurs have great insights into marketing gaps and the effort they put in to juggle their time to balance home and business is really amazing. Cheers to all the moms who give it a go! I hope we will continue to see the rise of mompreneurs as future leaders of our businesses and communities.

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