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Thanks to the wonderful people at the Cirque du Soleil and Silicon Valley Moms blog M and I were given the wonderful treat of attending the opening night of the new show Ovo. Opening night in San Jose that is, not first opening night ever.

It was our first “real” Cirque experience. We saw Wintuk, a small family show that they put on a few winters ago in Madison Square Gardens, but this was a whole new experience.

Once we got past the whole ‘walk 8 blocks in the pouring rain’ thing (reminding myself that at least we’re not on snowpocalypse watch like our friends in the North East) and got into the tent we were instantly transported into a wild new world.

Crickets chirped and crazy creatures slinked around, everything hazy in the fog that filled the room. We found our seats and chatted a bit with the other SV Moms bloggers in attendance and then the lights dimmed and we were swallowed up in the magic.

I was blown away by the way they have reinvented the circus environment, elevating it to something even more magical and special, and yes, even more grown-up than a regular circus.They have clowns and they have traditional acts, they just spin it into something new with different props, sets, and lights. And yes, to M’s amazement, even with a live band and singer.

We could have brought the girls, but it was a late show so we left them with a sitter. As it turns out, they would have loved it, but it was neat to be there without them. The tent was packed with grown-ups who were just as enthralled as we were.

Little ladybugs juggled with their feet, eliciting awed “no ways” from M. Creepy grasshoppers performed a gravity defying trampoline act that had me wondering if I was seeing things. Disturbingly supple spider contortionists did things that no human should ever be able to do, and that made my knees and back ache just to watch.

All in all, it was just breath taking and amazing. A really fun night out.

If Ovo comes to your town I highly recommend that you attend. And if you live in the Bay Area, hop on over here to try to win some tickets for Valentine’s Day!

Please note: I was given tickets to attend the Cirque du Soleil show, but the opinions contained in this post are mine and mine alone. Hyperboles are courtesy of the cough syrup I took 13hours ago and which is still messing with my brain.

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2 responses

  • This looks like a great event~those costumes are absolutely stunning!

  • Wow, am I jealous. Especially since a long, long time ago I used to live near there (actually grew up till 18 there). I’ve never seen any of the Cirque stuff, but have always wanted to! Looks fantastic.

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