A different kind of snow day

standard February 8, 2010 1 response

I found the gloves in the deep recesses of one of the suitcases we took to Ohio. The hat was shoved under a pile of outgrown clothes in the corner of the kids’ room. And I’m hoping that her snow jacket is somewhere in my car.

Tomorrow C has a snow day. Oh, not like the snow day that countless kids in the North East are having tomorrow. No, we do snow days differently out here. We don’t have to shovel the drive, salt the roads, or plan countless indoor activities for home bound kids.

Instead, on snow day we go to school and play in the snow.

That’s right. Tomorrow C’s preschool is bringing in snow for the kids to play in. For a glorious couple of hours they’ll get to roll around in the snow making snow angels, have snowball fights, and build snow men. Once they’ve had their fill of playing in the snow, they’ll go back to class to get changed into warm dry clothes and have hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. Because you can’t have a snow day without hot cocoa.

Then I’ll pick her up and take her home. And I’ll let the snow clothes get lost once again. Because really? We’re not going to need them again until next December when we head East for Christmas.

You have to love living in California sometimes.

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  • I totally remember having one of those when *I* was in preschool down in SoCal! Ah, good memories. I hope she loves it. 🙂

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