We have a diagnosis!

standard January 22, 2010 6 responses

At long last, after dealing with this rash for five months now, I finally found a doctor who was willing to bite the bullet and diagnose my condition.

Lichen Planus. 

I know! I could hardly contain my excitement either. (Don’t Google it. Trust me.)

And get this, the nice doctor even prescribed the drug that I was asking for… well, actually, begging for from the last doctor. Same doctor who, it’s true, did hypothesize that I had this very condition, but followed up her diagnosis with a dour “But that would really be a shame because there’s no cure.”

This doctor did not have the same negative attitude at all. She actually seemed quite upbeat about the whole thing, despite mentioning that this was a pretty bad case as bad cases go.

We start with a two week course of Prednisone. If that doesn’t do the trick we move on to something a bit more hard core. And if that still doesn’t work we move on to light therapy treatment.

I didn’t walk out of there with a rash free body. But I did walk out with the conviction that someone was going to help me get there and maybe a few tears in my eyes. It’s just such a relief to know that the end is in sight.

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