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Some days you have nothing

standard January 21, 2010 2 responses

Some days you really want to write about something deep, something that’s troubling you, a thought or ten that have been playing around in your head, chasing its own tail. Some days you really feel that you could open up that blog browser and really write.

You have the topic. You know what you want to say. But when you finally go to type what comes out is flat, soulless, uninspiring, even to you.

So you play around with it. Then you walk away to see if when you come back you’ll be more inspired. 

And then you’re not. So you ponder what to do. Do you post something blah? Do you not post at all? Do you table the thoughts you had because you know they’re leading to something, you just don’t have it in you right then to dig deep enough to make them sing?

Is nothing better than nothing good?

It’s important for a writer to write every day, to exercise those creative muscles, no matter what you put down. But it’s one thing to write drivel in your private journal and a whole other to impose it on your blog readers. And yet, knowing that you’re going to hit publish might be the one thing that really pushes you to dig to the place you were loath to go.

And sometimes even the publish button won’t be able to get you there. And on those days you’re faced with the question – do I deal with this topic lightly or do I just wait?

Tonight I waited. Instead you got this. Sorry ’bout that.

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2 responses

  • I have the same problem. I think there’s a pressure that comes with blogging, especially to those doing it for reasons other than just pure fun. I’ve tried to be consistent, yet I’m not. The more pressure I feel to post another one, the harder it is to type something onto the screen.

    I’m learning to write things down, even if it’s only a couple sentences at a time, and save them as drafts. Over a few day’s time of typing out sentences here and there, I end up with more to work with when I’m running out of time.

  • I think it matters not what you write as long as you write from the heart. Whatever you are feeling at that time in a moment, just got for it. People take and leave whatever they want. For me it is important what my readers think, but it is also important for me to feel better about whatever I am writing, if I inspire only one person in a day that is good enough for me. Thanks for sharing.

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