Elusive brilliance

standard January 11, 2010 6 responses

The idea always strikes at a moment when neither pen nor paper are handy – in the car, in the shower, while changing a diaper. You swear you’re going to remember, you chant it like a mantra for a few minutes to make sure the idea sticks, you even start to write the post in your head.

You smile to yourself, sure that you’ve hit on the great blog post. The one everyone is going to rush to comment on, the one that you’re going to share with pride on Stumble Upon, momShare, Kirtsy, Facebook, and everywhere. The one that you’ll mention with pride when people ask you about your best post ever.

Then you finally get a moment to sit in front of a computer. You launch the browser and…


Complete and utter blank. No brilliant post. Not even a mediocre or piss-poor post. Just nothing.

You search your brain desperately for that spark of brilliance. Some nights you catch a glimpse of it and you pick at it until the idea comes back to you. But all too often there’s just nothing.

So you write something, anything, whatever comes to mind. And you swear to yourself that you’ll be better about taking notes next time. Then you post and lament the fact that once again the perfect post has eluded you, that the world will have to wait for your brilliance.

Pat on the back to the people who guessed that, yes, tonight I blanked on the perfect post that I spent much of the afternoon compiling in my head. Now where’s that notebook again?…

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6 responses

  • AHhh! This used to happen to me all the time and I hate it! I agree, my good ideas are always forgotten for lack of some way to put it down.

    So guess what I did?

    I bought a small lil voice recorder and keep it in my pocket (or ur case pocketbook) for whenever one of my ideas pops in my head.

    I also keep a lil notepad and pen near the stereo at the gym i teach in. Each time the idea comes to me, I go over and write a few words down real quick just to get the gist.

    I think it was after the 100,000th idea forgotten that I decided to do these things, and it definitely helped.

    I just found one for u thats 25 bucks. It’s your great ideas for the price of 25 bucks? Pretty good deal to me:

  • WAIT! forget that. i just remembered… http://voice.google.com

    sign up for a google voice account. you will be able to call a phone number and record a voice mail that gets sent transcribed to your email. now how cool is that?

  • Thanks for the reward of a pat on the back. Like how you turned nothing in to something!

  • S calls those moments ‘brain f*rts’. 🙂

    These kind of posts remind us that you’re human, too…and not always a brilliant, creative person. Frankly, the fact that you have so much to write about (even if it’s nothing) and can make it funny or insightful or whatever, is amazing!

  • You have no idea how many times I have done that very thing! So frustrating!

  • Oh that happens to me ALL the time!! I need a voice recorder or something!!!

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