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standard January 8, 2010 1 response

For well over a year now I have stuck to a very strict blogging schedule: Sunday through Friday. Every day without fail, except for some Fridays. It’s good for me. I love ending my day with a blog post. I love the discipline it takes to be so consistent. And frankly I just love blogging, so it works. Plus, I have a bit of a touch of the “if I stop I might never start again” syndrome. Just ask my journal. Oh, my poor neglected journal…

For the most part, this blogging schedule isn’t a hardship, it’s more of a reward, the carrot on the stick that gets me through my day. But I can’t lie, some nights I scramble for something to post. The day has been hard or long or just draining and I have nothing.

Those are the nights I post a picture or a cute quip.

And then there are days like yesterday where I couldn’t even come up with that.

I drove home late from a Mom’s Night Out evening where I had joked and laughed with a group of women who don’t blog, don’t Facebook, and don’t Twitter. It was an evening in a different world. And when I got home I faced reentry into virtual land and I couldn’t do it. Couldn’t pull out my computer, couldn’t open the browser, and most importantly, couldn’t find a single thing about my day that I wanted to share online.

Over the last month or so the need to unplug has gotten stronger and stronger. Before working at Tiny Prints I had gotten into the habit of keeping my weekends as computer free as possible. When I had to ad an extra 25 hours a week of work into the mix, much of what I was doing during the afternoon got bumped to the weekends, so I was back online 7 days a week.

And even for an addict like myself that’s neither healthy nor pleasurable.

This week I quit one of my many jobs (not the Tiny Prints one) and I gave myself the breathing room I was craving. In two weeks or so I’ll be back to being able to unplug every weekend. I really can’t wait. Both so I can get back to really enjoying weekends with my family and so I can go back to enjoying being online all week.

Last night when I stepped away from the computer without turning it on I took a step back towards blogging for pleasure and not as a chore. I’ll still be blogging as regularly as usual, but if I miss one night here or there I won’t feel like the world is about to spin out of control. It seems like a healthier approach all around.

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  • I completely agree with your last statement. This is something that you’re meant to enjoy, not to feel tied to.

    Take care of yourself first or you won’t be able to care for others–including those who look forward to your blog!

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