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Waiting anxiously to unplug

standard December 23, 2009 1 response

Knowing that I was heading out state for two weeks to spend the holidays with my sister, her family, my other sister, and my mother, I busted my butt to get as much work done as possible so I could sit back, shut down the computer, and relax for a good long stretch of time.

Of course even the best laid plans often go awry and this one was no exception.

Instead of a project being nicely wrapped up just before our departure it all blew up as we were taking off and I have been struggling to collect all the pieces and patch it back together ever since. Not an easy feat in between the quality family time and the time difference. The fact that I’m bitter and resentful about the whole thing and bringing a terrible attitude to the table about it isn’t helping either.

In theory the whole shebang should be put to rest tonight, finally allowing me to shut down the computer for a few days. If all works out I’ll just pop back here to post an obligatory Christmas Morning snap shot or two, but aside from that I’ll be gloriously computer free for four days.

And frankly?

I can’t wait.

Edited to add: The deadline I was scrambling to meet last night was moved to Monday. Without anyone telling me. The frustration and irritation I feel about that knows no bounds. Would have been nice to know that three days ago when the decision was made.

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1 response

  • Sorry about the last-minute chaos. I can relate! Our blog went down for almost 48 hours and then we ended up losing 7 weeks of content. I fretted over it yesterday but then decided to let go. I’m shooting for “good enough” in 2010! Have a great holiday! -H

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