The tragedy of the stolen Snuggie

standard December 10, 2009 2 responses

You know the Snuggie. Oh yes you do. That blanket with sleeves that everyone loves to hate. There are so many parodies of the infomercial on YouTube that I was hard pressed to pick just one to share with you.

The Snuggie is that one thing that absolutely no one is putting on their wishlist this year, no one is admitting they want, and no one is buying.

And yet, tonight, at the TinyPrints marketing team’s white elephant holiday party everyone’s eyes shone brightly when I opened up my gift and found a leopard skin Snuggie.

I joked about how awesome it was, but I was thinking about my freezing house and easily imagining myself wrapped in the Snuggie’s fleece while working on my computer. It wasn’t hard to do.

We have a 1930s home with 1930s windows. They all leak cold air to a certain extent. And we have one central heating vent. Not central air. One central air vent. As in, it’s central to the house. In the livingroom. You are basically warm if you stand over it. And since that’s usually where M stands, you’d have to fight him for it.

Even though the couch is all of a foot away from the vent my feet and hand still freeze when I sit on it. By the time I shut down for the night my toes are numb with cold. A Snuggie would be a perfect.

The very next person to pick a present after me stole my Snuggie. The person after that chose an unwrapped gift. And then the Snuggie changed hands again. Twice.

That’s right. The Snuggie, product that no one wants to admit they want, changed hands three times tonight, more than any other gift. And every time it changed hands my toes got a little colder.

But you know, it’s OK. The Snuggie isn’t cool, in fact it’s the opposite of cool. Everyone knows that, even Ellen.

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2 responses

  • My college goin’ son works at CVS (a drugstore), and since they hit the shelves, he says they’ve been flying out the door (even the Snuggies for dogs). I asked if people joke about them as they buy them, he said nope.

    They are pulling in some serious cash.

    I too like to be warm–even in a house with 2000’s windows (it’s 6 degrees here right now), so I wear this thing called a bathrobe…

  • A relative gave each of my 5 year old girls one. One loves it, but the other doesn’t. The one that loves hers calls it a sluggie. Cracks me up everytime.

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