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Resolving not to resolve but to make goals

standard December 31, 2009 8 responses

So I had this whole big plan to resolve not to make resolutions this year, but then someone on Twitter pointed out that that was a conundrum in and of itself because clearly you can’t resolve not to resolve as that defeats the purpose.

The reason I didn’t want to make resolutions is that they bug me. On January 1st you wake up all bushy tailed and happy to get the year started right. And then by noonish you’ve given up on the diet resolution, by the third day you’ve stopped exercising, and by the fifth you’re back exactly where you started.

And really if something is worth making resolutions over, why would you wait until January 1st to do it? Why not do it right away?

Instead it seems like January first should be a day for setting goals for the coming year. Goals, not resolutions. It’s a fine distinction, granted, but it just seems more manageable. And less time sensitive. At least I won’t have to get them all done Friday while fighting a hangover.

My goals for 2010 are simple really. Simple in character, challenging in execution. Lofty to say the least. But I’ve chosen to aim for the stars so that I might land on the moon.

1) I want to sell an article to a national magazine. You know, before they all fold. I’m not picky, I’ll take a national parenting magazine or a women’s magazine. It could be short or long, whichever, again, I’m not picky.

2) I want to sell my novel. First I need to finish editing and find an agent. But I really want to get moving on  the next part of this particular journey.

3) I want to start on the next novel. I have two in mind and I’m leaning more towards one than the other, but I need to toy with both a bit before committing myself to either. That said, I can’t wait to get cracking.

4) I want to take better care of myself – physically, mentally, and possibly even spiritually. Which might sound like a resolution, but I refuse to consider it as one. Let’s just consider this another step in the right direction.

5) I want to play more with the girls and with M. Or at least have more meaningful moments with them, both as a family and individually. Sometimes it seems insurmountable to take five minutes for a heart to heart or a simple cuddle, but the effects can be felt for days and I just need to make the time. It needs to become a priority rather than something that fills the downtime.

Simple, right?

I better get started.

Happy New Year my friends. May this year see all of your most precious goals realized. 

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8 responses

  • These are great goals. Can’t wait to see your novel published!

    Happy New Year!

  • I’ve been saying that about goals vs resolutions all week ;o) I think the best thing about goals is that you can more easily break them down into achievable bits ;o)

  • Jessica,
    Not a doubt in my mind you will achieve ALL your goals for 2010! You are an amazing writer and from reading your blog you’re an amazing mom/wife too.

    I stopped making resolutions a few years ago because I felt like I was constantly letting myself down. I made the switch to “goals” and have been far more successful and happier.

    Happy New Year’s Eve! And I look forward to seeing your byline soon!

  • Happy new year! Good luck with your goals – they all sound great. 🙂

  • Those are beautiful goals, and some of them pretty lofty! How far along in the novel are you? I’d be happy to churn out a few 1000 blogposts regularly!

    Beautiful blog and happy new year!

    “Starbucks Melody”

  • This is such a great mindset and one that I’m trying to live by too. Goals can be guides to what you want to accomplish or how you hope to live your life. They’re not something you “break” or have to feel guilty about. Looking forward to the news on the books!

  • You are so right! I think goal-setting is important and should be on-going rather than a 1st of the year resolution.

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