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standard December 18, 2009 3 responses

Two years after I started our first family holiday tradition I am holding firm and starting to reap the benefits of what I sowed. Instead of heaping more toys on two girls who are about to receive a heap of things on Christmas morning, we’re still giving books for Hanukah.

I love this tradition that we’re sticking to. We gather in the kitchen or the dining room and light the candles. This year C’s sweet voice is joining ours as we sing the traditional blessings and Little L interjects a word or a phrase wherever she can. Then, to the light of the menorah, the girls pounce on their one wrapped book. One book, two girls, and they have been amazing about opening it together. (I’ve been using the same wrapping paper every night. It’s like the Hanukah miracle all over again. I’m hoping it lasts all eight nights.)

They scramble to the couch, new book in hand, and we all sit together to read it.

It’s fun, it’s cozy, and I love that it’s about the moment and not the stuff.

Happy Hanukah to everyone who is celebrating this week. May your latkes always be crispy and your candles burn bright.

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3 responses

  • What books? What books?

    I am a geek for kids books, though I don’t know as many for the little ones.

    This Christmas Brad brought only books to his grandkids. This is what he’d like me to do each holiday, he sees how the keep giving.

    Happy Hannukah!

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful idea; wish I had thought of this when my teens were younger! As they get older you might consider asking them if they would like to take one night and donate books and/or pjs to the Pajama Program. My oldest collected pjs for this cause as her bat mitzvah project. It was amazing and empowering for a 12 y.o.
    Happy Hanukah

  • Bleated Happy Chanukah to you! I like the book idea – is it one book for each kid or one book for both to share?? I think with my kid’s spread I might have to do 1 book per kid but yikes, 16 books! I am still trying to find some tranditions to stick with…

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