Fun with Cousins

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One of the greatest things about traveling cross country to spend time with my sister and her family is that the girls get to spend some time with their cousins.

The instant we walked in C ran off to play. It was like we had seen them just last week, not six months ago. And for once Little L is able to keep up with the “big kids” which means that this really is quite a relaxing vacation for us. The kids entertain each other, leaving us to enjoy time with the grown-ups, read, work, or just hang out.
Periodically a child will wander through the main living area, gather a kiss and a cookie, and meander off again. They’re happy, they’re entertained, and they’re forging those priceless family memories that will remain with them forever.

No Little L in this shot.
She was already bored with the whole picture taking thing and had wandered off.

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