Celebrity Sighting at the Newport Aquarium

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I usually spend my evenings on my couch with my laptop on my lap (duh) and my TV to my right. I don’t really watch TV, it’s more that I listen to it and glance up every so often when something catches my attention. Which is why I watch a ton of reruns. They’re less distracting.

My favorite show to watch reruns of?

Ace of Cakes.

I find them funny and I love drooling over the cakes. So shoot me.

Anyway, to cut short my pathetic rambling about late night TV reruns, I shall get to the point of this whole post.

One day at Charm City Cakes (Bakery where Ace of Cakes is filmed) they made a cake of a Shark Ray for the Newport Aquarium. It was cool. Both the cake and the episode.

Today we went to the Newport Aquarium. Who knew it was in Kentucky, a mere 2.5 hours drive away from my sister‘s house?

And here’s the sad thing.

I recognized Sweet Pea right away.

Oh yes, I am that talented. I can recognize real animals based on their cake counterparts. I rawk.

Of course she was shy and I never managed to get a picture of her. But I did snag some other cool shots as the kids dashed from one aquarium to another. We had a blast. It would have been cool even without meeting a fishy celebrity. But that was pretty cool too.

Here’s what she looked like in cake form!

Whatcha lookin’ at?

This guy did not get the “Fish are friends not food” memo.
Couldn’t take my eyes off this beauty.
She was stunning and graceful and huge.
He was also huge. But not stunning or graceful.
Though he did do an impressive mud blob impression.
Teeny tiny cutie frog.
Then Little L touched a shark. Kinda.
And we weighed them on a shark scale.
They didn’t measure up to that bad boy up there.
Especially not this one.

Fabulous aquarium. Highly recommend it next time you’re in the Cincinnati, KY area.

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