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A final stab at organized living

standard December 14, 2009 3 responses

When we moved into this house almost 7 years ago it was just M and me. Well, M, me, and the cat. The place was so big that we didn’t have enough furniture to fill all the rooms. Our dining room remained empty for years.

Then we had a first kid. And she came with all the usual stuff kids come with – swing, bassinet, bouncy seats, high chairs, toys, toys, and more toys. All of a sudden we started filling the space. Only M and I aren’t the most organized at the best of times, and, well, as any new parent knows, that first year of parenthood is many things, but it’s not the best or times, nor the most organized of times.

So stuff got piled in corners, shoved in tight spaces, and lined up against the walls.

Then we had another child and the chaos grew even more out of control. We got more furniture, more baby stuff, more books, more toys. The barely controlled mess grew out of control.

In the past couple of months we’ve made a conscious effort to organize the house. We’ve bought a storage system for the toys, we’ve culled clutter here and there. And today I finally did something I should have done years ago: I cleaned my things off the shelves in the girls’ room so they would have more room for their stuff.

I packed up books and memorabilia from my pre-baby life and I replaced them with stuffed animals, Little People planes, Weeble Wobble houses, and a million other little toys. When I tucked them in tonight I looked around and for once their room really looked like a kid’s room, not a pastel painted room where kids had been placed while we waited to figure out where to put them for real.

And the motivation for all this cleaning?

Today we visited our second open house. We’re quickly getting on board for a possible move and we badly need to get organized in case we find the perfect house and need to start packing.

As ironic as it may be that we’ll finally get the house organized just in time to have to pack it up and leave, I’m hopeful that it’ll also give me a better idea of how to start off better organized no matter what new home we end up in.

A girl can dream, right?

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3 responses

  • And, on the off chance that you don’t find the perfect second home, you may find that once you’ve gotten everything in place, you really love the one you’re in!

  • It’s so logical, how could it not be true?

    Of course, if this new house is bigger, you might just “need” more stuff…

  • We will be selling our house since the kids
    will all be gone soon. Would you like to come
    look at it?
    Fun to see you in your “office” this morning

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