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Over the last few months I’ve been making a conscious effort to shut down the computer Friday night and leave it alone at least until noon-ish on Sunday when the itch to check in became unbearable. It felt good to disconnect, to pick up a book, to play with my kids, and to spend some quality time with my husband.

Napping was nice too.

Only now that I’ve had to shift things around in my daily schedule to fit an extra 25hours of work in, I’m having to take lots of that time from my weekend. Last weekend, when there was relatively little newspaper work to be done I didn’t feel the pinch all that much. This weekend was a whole other story.

Aside from a few hours spent at a baby shower,* a few hours spent at an awesome Silicon Valley Moms Blog event (details coming soon), and the tiny bit of time I took to focus on the kids, I worked pretty much non stop – editing newspaper articles, figuring out what was missing from the line up, coordinating with the line editor, the graphic designer, and the owner. Yesterday I must have worked five hours straight before finally calling it a night and going for a much needed and much appreciated, though short, date with my husband. Today was more of the same, sadly without the date.

I am tired. Very, very tired. And, even though I’m quite proud of everything I accomplished tonight, I’m still darn tired and sad that I didn’t get to have much fun with my kids. Even more annoying I didn’t get through my whole to do list, I came close, but close isn’t enough.

I know that this weekend was a bit of a fluke. And I know that I’m going to get better at organizing my time. But right now I’d just like to know one thing:

When does the weekend start?

*She loved all the pink stuff, though she did keep saying in a stunned voice “I’m having a girl. I’m really, really having a girl.”

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