Winter flip-flops – perfect California wear

standard November 6, 2009 5 responses

There was a moment, sometime this summer, when I realized I had finally fully given in and admitted that I was officially a Californian. It wasn’t the avocados. It wasn’t the love of the mountains. It wasn’t even my acceptance of the insanely expensive lifestyle.

It was the flip-flops.

Sometime this summer I realized that I was wearing flip-flops for more than just getting the mail, taking out the trash, and going to the pool/beach.

And now that summer is finally waning my feet are cold.

So, I ask you, would it be very wrong to get these?

LL Bean Shearling Fli-Flop Image

I know that they’re sold as slippers, but I think they’d be all the rage at my favorite Starbucks. No?

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5 responses

  • Get them and tell me if they really keep the bottoms of your feet warm! Ha! I’m a California native and live in flip-flops year round – may have to invest in a pair of those.

  • This is sooo true. I came from New York and was initially appalled at the flip flop phenomena. I mean flip flops were for pools only, right?. 20 years later- I debate exactly which pair of flip flops will go with my outfit. The cloth ones with my jeans, the leather ones with my skirt.. I still refuse to wear them to work but I will wear them out to dinner. Yes really, flip flops are California.

  • While I would wear flip-flips to meet the president (remember that debacle?), I wear them a great deal, and I’ve only been to California on vacation.

    Get the flips and while you’re ordering yours, order a size 8 for me!


    Happy Friday you Cali woman you.

  • I completely agree with you! I grew up in NY and never wore flip flops my whole life until I moved to Silicon Valley in 2000. My boots and loafers collections are getting dwarfed by the insane amount of flip flops I now own. I would totally get these. They look super soft and comfy!

  • Careful! One of the moms my kid goes to school with really messed up her foot due to wearing flip-flops while lifting and carrying around her kiddos!

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